Presentation Night: the winners

April 16, 2011 No Comments

Here’s a list of who won what awards at Elwood’s Presentation Night for Season 201/11:

Major Club Awards

The Charles A Norris Club Champion: Marshall Bunting

The John Feehan Best Clubman: Ryan Bagust

The Ben Fernando Encouragement Award: David Robertson

Most improved: Tom Earls

Coach’s Award: Dave Tacon

The Humphrey Hughes most accurate bowler award: Marshall Bunting 11 wickets bowled

Elwood 1st X1 Longmuir

Batting Award: Adam Howard 265 runs @ 37.86

Bowling Award: Marshall Bunting 29 wickets @ 13.21

Fielding Award: Jackson Bunting

Best finals player: Not awarded

Elwood 2nd X1 Quiney

Batting Award: Anesti Cosmas 272 runs @ 27.20

Bowling Award: Chris Williams 14 wickets @ 10.86

Fielding Award: Dylan Foote

Elwood 3rd X1 E Grade

Batting Award: Patrick Reilly 293 runs @ 48.83

Bowling Award: Kevin Wetdewich 27 wickets @ 12.63

Fielding Award: Ryan Harris

Best finals player: Leigh Josey

Elwood 4th X1 F Grade

Batting Award: Nathan Turner 402 runs @ 44.67

Bowling Award: Dave May 21 wickets @ 14.24

Fielding Award: David Robertson

Best finals player: Hardik Desai

Elwood 5th X1 G Grade

Batting Award: Mic Collis 73 runs @ 24.33

Bowling Award: Tony King 13 wickets @ 16.85

Fielding Award: Dave Tacon


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