The Elwood Hall of Fame

June 11, 2011 1 Comment

At out AGM, the below amendment to our Constitution to introduce a Hall of Fame was ratified by members:

8 June 2011

Proposed amendment to the constitution of the Elwood Cricket Club

The proposal being:  The introduction of a “Hall of Fame” for the Elwood Cricket Club

Proposed criteria for qualification to the Elwood Cricket Club “Hall of Fame

1. The establishment of a “Hall of Fame” committee (HOFC) that will:

a. Include members of the sitting Elwood Cricket Club Committee (ECCC) and at least one current “Hall of fame” recipient who will act as Chair.

b. Members of the HOFC are appointed by the ECCC at the first committee meeting for the season. The newly appointed members of the HOFC will appoint a Chair who is a current “Hall of fame” recipient. Members of the HOFC are reappointed each season with the appointment of a new ECCC.

c. The Club has appointed games record holder John Feehan to be that Chair for the inaugural HOFC. In subsequent seasons, the club will seek nominations for the Chair at the first meeting of the ECCC for that season and vote on the Chair at the second meeting.

d. The HOFC will provide their nominations and citation to the ECCC by the end of the home and away season. The ECCC will vote on the nominations to be accepted or rejected. Any successful nominees will be inducted on Presentation Night.

e.  A maximum of 3 people can be nominated in any one year, with the Club allowed to nominate 12 players in the year of its 40th anniversary in 2013.

2. A person may be nominated for inclusion in the Elwood Cricket Club of Fame under two categories, as follows:

a. Member: Status available only to official members of the Elwood Cricket Club as per the constitution (refer to clause), past or present.

b. Associate: Status available to all other people, including administrators, coaches & volunteers

3. A person nominated for inclusion in the Elwood Cricket Club of Fame shall:

a. Have played senior cricket for the Elwood Cricket Club


b. Have assisted the club in a volunteer/coaching or administrative capacity

4. The principle criteria for all selections are:

a. Demonstrated achievement at an elite level in which they have participated or served.

b. They must have had a “profoundly positive influence” on the Elwood Cricket Club.

5. Key criteria for Members to be considered, but not limited to:

a. The Member should be at a minimum, a life member of the club. For extraordinary circumstances, the HOFC can apply discretion for members who are not life members.

b. Such a Member would have to meet at least one of the following criteria in order to be eligible for nomination and therefore induction into the Elwood Cricket Club Cricket Hall of Fame:

  • Played in a Senior premiership.
  • They must have a batting average of 25 or above
  • They must have scored 5000 runs and a hundred.
  • They must have taken 250 wickets.
  • A captain must have led his side to a premiership.
  • A wicketkeeper must have secured 200 dismissals.
  • If a person, team or institution does not fall within any of the above criteria, he, she or it can still be put forward by the HOFC if, in the opinion of its members, he, she or it has had a fundamental effect on the Elwood Cricket Club.

c. Some players will be eligible in more than one criterion

6. In respect to Associate Members, achievement arising from personal effort or initiative is essential. Long-term service is not sufficient in itself. Key criteria for Associate Members to be considered should include:

  • 7 years total, not consecutive, service as a member of the Elwood Cricket Club Committee
  • 15 years total, not consecutive, service as a “prominent” volunteer who assists the club as training, game day and/or functions.
  • 10 years total, not consecutive, service as a junior or senior coach.

7. A person, who in the judgement of Elwood Cricket Committee at the recommendation of the HOFC, has committed conduct prejudicial to the “Hall of Fame” and its good name, shall be ineligible for induction or shall be removed from the “Hall of Fame”, whichever may be the case.

8. In considering persons, such as those from an earlier era, the HOFC shall give due weight to the experts’ opinions of that person’s sporting peers (e.g. fellow competitors from the same earlier era), providing those opinions have been authenticated.

9. The decisions of the Elwood Cricket Club committee shall be final. No appeal can be made against those decisions nor shall any correspondence be entered into.

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  1. richard jago says:

    I believe Vivien Delarouche to be a worthy member of the Hall of Fame as he hit the only 6 in the “I” grade Grand Final (1990 / 91 I believe)