10 questions .. with Marshall Bunting

June 16, 2011 No Comments

This week, we grill Elwood’s First XI captain, reigning Club & CMCA Champion and Elwood royalty Marshall Bunting.

Mate, how’s the off season been? Must be pretty happy with your beloved Geelong’s form?

Off season isn’t going as planned, put on a few too many so decided to get back into football, it’s cured my competitive side but maybe not the fitness.

So, looking forward to the cricket season ahead?

I need to say yes here don’t I? Loving the break but I’m one training session away from sleeping with my cricket bat again.

Who’s the Elwood player to look out for next season?

Well, Adam Green seems keen to hit the nets early, but my money is on Zac Leiser-Moore to boost his average of 10 last season.

Who’s got the best cover drive at the club?

Jack Mussett by far — he needs to really — as it’s his only shot. Oh, I forgot about the guide to gully … sorry Jack.

Who’s the best sledger at the club?

Hard one this. I only see the Firsts but if Boundi gets angry he would be a very funny angry man.

Who’s the funniest bloke at the club?

Thinking Boundi again on this one, close runner up is Howie though. Actually, I’ll back Howie, he generally wins things after all.

Which of the old fellas at the club would you have been most worried to play against if you had played against them in their prime?

Without a doubt in the world Tony “TK” King. He still pisses me off with his line and length!

Which Harris out of Leon, Matt, Nathan, Josh, Ryan and Lachie is the best fielder?

Josh, only because he may not read this and all the others will. But honestly, Lachie has them all covered.

Are you a Steve or Mark Waugh man?

Steve is a legend but a Mark Waugh hundred still makes cricket the game it is

What is with this club appointing Hawthorn supporters as President?

He (new President Dave May) is English and a Hawthorn supporter yet somehow not a bad person. Strange isn’t it?

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