10 questions .. with Adam Green

July 11, 2011 No Comments

This week, we grill Elwood’s most recent life member and born again bowler, Adam Green.

Mate, how’s the off season been? Happy with how the Bombers are travelling?

Started well with a big mid season break . We should come home with a bit of fight and then I’ll be a happy man for season 2011.

So, looking forward to the cricket season ahead?

Yeah mate! Keen as. Last season left a bad taste in my mouth and I have been smashing it all off-season to try and get rid of the taste.

Who’s the Elwood player to look out for next season?

From the lower grades, I think we are going to see kids like Tommy Earls and Zac Leiser-Moore put their best feet forward.  In the higher grades I’d expect Nath harris to impove on his already high level and the Bunting boys never stop now do they? And Boundi for best young player in 2011/12!

Who’s got the best cover drive at the club?

Anesti Cosmas (in the 90’s). And the coach’s (Steve Jones) is OK too…

Who’s the best sledger at the club?

There weren’t many people (team mates included) who didn’t want to either have a word or two or punch Bhoundi and I at gully and point last year in the 2nds. Apart from that, Id say Sammy Dagher … he’s just so positive!

Who’s the funniest bloke at the club?

There are a few to choose from. I would have to say as a double act, Pat Reilly and Anesti Cosmas. But Jay Donovan would have to get an honarable mention to…

Which of the old fellas at the club would you have been most worried to play against if you had played against them in their prime?

Humphrey Hughes! The great man! I was lucky enough to face him when I was younger in the nets. He was only bowling at about 50-60% but still nearly bricked up… I would have been more scared playing “with” John Feehan though … that man can drink!

Which Harris out of Leon, Matt, Nathan, Josh, Ryan and Lachie is the best fielder?

A tough one… All have got skills (or had skills, still love ya Leon) but would have to say since I cant split Matty or Nath. I will go back on a re-count and, since Nath dropped that many catches in our Six-a-Side team a few years back and cost us, I am going to say Matty! But Lachie will be the best yet!

Are you a Steve or Mark Waugh man?

I would say Steve becuase of his amazing character and grit, but I still loved Mark for his wonderful, effortless ability.

What is with this club appointing Hawthorn supporters as President?

I don’t know mate. They seem like good blokes when they first come down the club. You have got to love them both though. The outgoing President Bret Holmes is from Queensland and new President Dave May is from Old Blighty. I don’t get the attraction to Hawthorn though…

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