Elwood’s preseason tour match to Ballarat!

September 29, 2011 3 Comments

Last weekend, on Saturday the 24th of September, the good folk at the Golden Point Cricket Club hosted two Elwood teams in a practice match at Victoria Park in Ballarat.

Firstly, Elwood extends a huge thank you to Golden Point. To Josh, Rob, Bill, Tim, Patty and all the other Golden Point lads — thank you for having us and for being the most welcoming hosts imaginable. Let’s hope you boys have a cracking season and win a few flags. You deserve it.

So on Saturday morning at 8am most of the lads (sans Jay Donovan who was still asleep) convened at Elwood ahead of the 90 minute trip to Ballarat. It was cold. Damn cold. The opposite of what should be cricket weather. And we hadn’t even got to Ballarat where the mercury was expected to top 11 degrees Celsius. That’s right, the maximum forecast for Ballarat was 11 degrees!

When we got to Ballarat we were greeted to a lovely green playing field with two adjoining playing grounds. The Golden Point boys had already erected a marquee with dimmys, tea and coffee and drinks (they run a tight ship at the Point).

Ryan gives a thumbs up to the set-up

As all the players arrived, the warm-ups (which were needed) ensued. Elwood lads like Jack Mussett and the Harrises, whom have no body fat to speak of, were struggling in the cold. Many Elwood players took to wearing tracksuit pants under their whites and hoodys and jumpers under their tops.

There might have been a toss and both Elwood teams took to the field to bat.

For the A Team, Nathan Harris and Andrew Leslie opened the batting. Les got a good ball and departed early while Nanger and Kristian Dompietro set about creating a useful partnership. Nanger eventually went out and Kristian went on to make an impressive 44. Captain Marshall Bunting came in and hit the ball around, making a rapid fire 43. Jack Mussett, Oscar Persson and Matt Harris all made quick useful runs as the boys went on to make an impressive score around 180 runs.

For the B Team, the 4th XI grand final opening partnership of Steve Murphy and Ryan Bagust reunited to make a 78 run opening stand. Ryan made 24 and Murph blasted a 47 (off about 25 balls). Adam Green made 17 and captain Nathan Turner went against his own instructions and was out for 4 trying to hit the first ball out of the ground. Stuart Parkyn and Dave Tacon got some cobwebs out in their time in the middle and Jay Donovan blasted a quickfire 20 odd. Kevin Wetdewich, Scott Leach, Leigh Josey and Luke Stanley all made quick runs at the end, while President Dave May inexcusably left the last ball (the only ball he faced) of the innings. The B team made an impressive 235 off 40 overs.

Then there was a break, where delightful sandwiches and warm cups of tea were had by all.

Luke Stanley enjoys a warming cup of tea while Chris “Boundi” Williams practices trying to spin a ball

For the A Team, Chris De Lutiis and Marshall opened the bowling. The Golden Point boys proved resilient with the bat. Boundi picked up two wickets (two wickets which the entire club will hear about for the remainder of the season). Jack Bunting took a good catch in the deep. Jack Mussett, Sammy Speer, Matty Harris, Oscar Persson and Jack Mussett all got a bowl. Ryan Harris fielded well.

For the B Team, Luke Stanley and Scott Leach opened the bowling. Luke getting the first wicked through a ripper catch by Murph in gully. Leachy got the second wicket via a plumb LBW, a during a spell where he got the ball to cut and move. Adam Greem cam on first change and bowled beautifully. With a two piece his out swing was prodigious and managed to set-up Golden Point’s best bat wonderfully by bowling a string of outties and then a big inny which clipped the top of off stump. Turner brought himself on and picked up two good wickets, bowling straight and fast. The President, Dave May, went wicketless but was rewarded via a brilliant run-out by Jay Donovan at backward square who hit the stumps directly. Kevin Wetdewich got ball to spin and turn and was rewarded through a sharp catch by Wicket keeper Leigh Josey. Luke Stanley cam back for a second spell and finished off the inings with by cleaning bowling the batsman.

All in all, a great performance by both teams.

Now it was time to head back to the caravan park, get ready and head over to Golden Point’s clubrooms for a few refreshments and dinner.

The Golden Point points were the most brilliant hosts. They cooked a beautiful spread up for us and both clubs sat in their club rooms and watched the NRL final between the Storm and the Warriors. Their ground is amazing. They even have a tree planted by the father of cricket, W. G Grace there.

Kristian (the most responsible member of Elwood’s touring party at 16) enjoys the NRL game at Golden Point’s clubrooms

Ryan and the Prez

Nath Turner and Golden Point’s Mitch (Turner couldn’t get the 16 year old out)

Luke Stanley, Sammy Speer and Nathan Turner get into the spirit before we head out

After the game, the Elwood boys headed out into the town (except Kristian who chaperoned Adam Green back to the caravan park). In scenes reminiscent of The Hangover, the boys painted the town red!

The first stop was JD’s sports bar…

The beginning of the night


Things are starting to go pear shaped…

The President leads from the front

Later still…

I don’t know what to say…

Very late now…

Beauty and the beast

Ballarat. One helluva town

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3 Comments to “Elwood’s preseason tour match to Ballarat!”
  1. Ryan says:

    I’m in. I can drive too – 3 passengers.
    I say all kit bags in Nath’s ute.

  2. Nathan Turner says:

    We might even look at hiring a couple of trailers to cart all the golf bags and cricket kits up.

  3. Dave says:

    Great couple of days, not sure if it`s well known but you probably should say well done to Luke for playing on and finishing the match despite picking up a paper cut on his finger that was almost 1cm long. Well done Luke an inspiration to us all