Round 2: U12 Woody

October 24, 2011 No Comments

The boys turned up at the Hampton United ground  for our first away game in good spirits and keen for a win. Under cloudy skies and a persistent drizzle the one dayer began. The toss found Elwood in the field and after  some encouraging words from Woody, Dylan started the bowling and was quite tight with his line and length. The Hampton batsman played correctly and started well against some good bowling from Luke McIntyre who opened from the other end. Luke managed to bowl the opener in his second over with the perfect ball hitting the top of off stump and Hampton were 1-10 off four overs.

Elias and Samuel came on to bowl and the standard  of cricket was excellent as Elwood fielded well. Paddy Twigg was the wicketkeeper for the day and was getting his body behind the ball and gloving it well. After five overs Hampton were 1-21 as Charlie Stock and Matt McNaughtin came on to bowl.


Elwood  were doing well and sticking to their task, backing up and trying to encourage the bowlers. After 10 overs the score was 1-35, then 40 off 12 and then a tight 1/ 44 off fifteen. This was a big improvement on last week and we weren’t giving up as many no balls and wides as the previous week. Jackson came on and managed to get the batsman to hit a catch to mid on where the impressive Samuel Proudlove took a great catch. At the end of the improved Jackson over the score was 2-49 and Elwood were beginning to sense a victory. Joe Weinbauch bowled well and the ever enthusiastic left armer Ben Devine-Troon was accurate. 2/55 off 18 and it took until  the 20th over before Hampton hit their first boundary. Although Elwood had improved from the previous week their were still too many sundries and after 20 overs Hampton were 2-61 but we had bowled 22 no balls and 5 wides. Paddy Twigg as keeper almost got a run out but the batsman grounded his bat well in sharply run single.


Dylan finished his 3 over spell with figures of 0-5, Luke ended getting a second wicket and finshed with a brilliant 2-8 off his 3 overs. Sam bowled well to finish with 0-11 off 3, Charles 0-11, Elias 0-13 and Hampton finished with 4-76 off their 25 overs. The highest score was 9 with Elwood conceding 44 extras.


Unfortunately the rain began to get harder and the light was fading as Elwood walked out to bat confident we could get the score. Bud and Matt started well with good running and calling. Matt pulled a four and we started well after 2 overs 0-7. Matt was driving well and Bud played a square drive. The ground was heavy and sandy and singles were the order of the day as the partnership blossomed. 0-54 off 5overs. Matt smacked a four over mid off for the shot of the day. Then Bud hooked a boundary. Unfortunately Bud was run out at 1-27 for 8 well made runs after 6 overs. Matt retired for a 14 then Sam and Ben came in and after a promising start Ben was run out proving that elwood need to work on our running after 2 run outs today and one last week. Paddy twigg came in and immediately was aggressive hooking and pulling well and he even played a sweep for one. After 7 overs in increasing rain we were 2-34. Sam played a great sweep but was caught for 2 and we were 3-43 after 9. Paddy pulled a four with Joseph running well. After 12 overs we were 49  but after Paddy retired the rain came and the game was washed out in the 13th over with Elwood probably favoured to win. A great effort by all the boys and man of the match went to Luke McIntyre for his tremendous spell of fast bowling.

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