Round 1: U12 Nathan H.

October 24, 2011 No Comments

Saturday morning dawned warm and sunny. It was an early start but it was worth it to see the excitement on the kids faces for their first game of cricket. The boys warmed up by throwing the ball back and forth to the coaches. Nathan carried each boy over to get their Elwood Cricket Club shirt, which the boys loved.
Hurlingham opened to bat. Linus was brave enough to step up to bowl and delivered some great bowling. Tom was next and bowled some rippers down the pitch. Dante displayed a skillful bowling technique and Jasper produced the first out of the match with some amazing bowling. Luke wowed us with some fast bowling and Hugo got some good length on his. Leo got some good bowls in and Mark had a good swinging technique. Elijah delivered the second out of the match with a brilliant bowl and Noah got a bowl in that made the distance.
Linus was at half leg and ran a player out at mid wicket. Simply beautiful. Hugo bowled and Linus delivered two in a row by catching a player out. The Mum’s became rather emotional (Jane) and the team huddled together with a loud cheer. Hugo’s fast bowling action assisted Jasper to run a player out. The team were working really well together. Luke bowled an off stump to get a player out and Leo got a very aggressive bowl in by throwing the ball with all his might. Noah got a stronger length on his bowling and Dante got a run out with a fast ball at the wickets. Under pressure Linus fielded the ball really far.
All the boys were excited padding up to bat. Dante and Tom were the first to step up to bat. Jasper and Hugo stepped up next. Edward and Luke came next with Luke hitting a four. Edward did a good hit and hit a four, then a three. Mark and Leo walked on to the field holding their bats up. Elijah was off to a flying start hitting a high ball which luckily was dropped by the opposition. Mark did well considering the opposition hit him some very high balls. Noah and Linus were up next and unfortunately Linus was run out and Tom came back on.
At this stage of the match siblings began to complain they were bored and Leo’s Dad remarked, “That’s cricket for you, a lot of standing around.” Noah luckily avoided going out due to a no ball and Linus came back on to hit a couple of beauties. Dante stepped up and Leo came back on and they both hit some screamers. Leo saluted the crowd as he walked off the field. Dante hit a lovely four and followed it with another beauty. Linus and Edward had another go then Elijah came back on.
Both teams showed good sportsmanship by high fiving each other after the match and Nathan gave an encouraging pep talk to the team. The kids had an unreal time and gave the game everything they had. The final score was Elwood 70 something to Hurlingham 96. It looks like it’s going to be a ripper season for Elwood Under 12’s, I’ll just have to remember you can’t scream out at the cricket like you do at the footy (unless you’re a Melbourne supporter).

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