Round three: the teams (& Marshall Bunting’s 100th game & Elwood Lounge on Saturday night!)

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Hello all,

A great effort by the selection committee to get five teams out considering we had almost 25 players unavailable!

Firstly — it’s an Elwood Lounge night on Saturday night. For the new players and uninitiated, what that means is that we’ll all be heading their on Saturday night for a few refreshments to celebrate a good day of cricket. They’re our major sponsor so let’s support them!

Secondly, we have the latest milestone game this round. Congratulations to Marshall Bunting for playing 100 senior games for Elwood! He’s our inspirational 1st XI skipper, reigning CMCA player of the year and Elwood club champion, chairman of selectors, social coordinator and Milo cricket coordinator. It was his trusted right hand man Nathan Harris’ 100th game last week, and like Nathan, Marshall’s importance to Elwood is immeasurable. Well done on 100 fine games mate, and we look forward to a few hundred more!

Thirdly, congratulations to Aaron Dann for making his club debut this round in the 2nd XI! And it’s great to have former 1st XI batsman Aaron Norling back at the club who will also play in the Twos.

And lastly, a few young guns got a well earned promotion this week in Howie Persson and Mitch Clarke who will play in our Third XI. And due to a Steven Bradbury-eque wicket keeper unavailability, Leigh Josey will make his James Podsiadly-like Longmuir debut at the ripe old age of 31

Let’s get five wins boys.

Go Elwood.

Ist XI (4th) playing Bentleigh Uniting (1st) at Elwood:

Umpires: Ross Gould & Mick Aldred

  1. Marshall Bunting (c) 0431 838 267 (100th game)
  2. Nathan Harris
  3. Sammy Tee
  4. Andrew Leslie
  5. Matt Harris
  6. Chris De Lutiis
  7. Rob De Haan
  8. Jackson Bunting
  9. Dylan Foote
  10. Sam Speer
  11. Leigh Josey (wk) (Longmuir debut)

2nd XI (7th) playing Melbourne Wanderers 1 (1st) at Faulkner Park (Mel Ref 2L C8):

  1. Anesti Cosmas (C) 0402 455 700
  2. Adam Green
  3. Aaron Norling
  4. Brenden Pearce
  5. Ray Earls
  6. Oscar Persson
  7. Jay Donovan
  8. Luke Baillie (wk)
  9. Jack Belkin
  10. Chris “Boundi” Williams
  11. Aaron Dann (club debut)

3rd XI (6th) playing Hampton Central (4th) at Sandringham College (Sandringham Campus)-East (Mel Ref 77 B11):

  1. Kevin Wetdewich (c) 0415 552 534
  2. Ian Grundy (wk)
  3. Stuart Parkyn
  4. Michael Roberts
  5. Luke Stanley
  6. James Roberts
  7. Sam Mirenda
  8. Marcus Bayer
  9. Howie Persson
  10. Mitch Clarke
  11. Carey Lyon

4th XI (2nd) playing West Bentleigh 3 (1st) at Elwood:

  1. Dave May (c) 0401 326 263
  2. Mic Collis
  3. Nathan Turner
  4. Lachlan Harris
  5. Leon Harris
  6. Greg Thwaites
  7. Dale Brewster (wk)
  8. Alan Parkinson
  9. John Phillips
  10. Dave Tacon
  11. Chris Forster

5th XI (12th) playing Washington Park 5 (6th) at Princes Park No. 3 (Mel Ref 68 B6):

  1. Rick Yeatman (c) 0409 954 038
  2. Tony King
  3. Tom Yeatman (wk)
  4. Rob O’Keefe
  5. Steve Forster
  6. Tom Balme
  7. Angus Matthews
  8. Hamish Mitchell
  9. Alex Mitchell
  10. Bart Kohler
  11. Dane Wilsonson
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