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Day One: October 29th –  Elwood under 12s (Woodys team) v South Melbourne


After a heavy deluge of rain during Friday night it was reassuring to see the clouds part just in time for 2 eager teams to have a game of cricket regardless of the conditions. The ground was remarkably dry but the pitch was quite heavy. South won the toss and decided to have a bat. The ground in Port Melbourne was full of 22 excited cricketers with a game to play and they weren’t going to be influenced by a bit of water. The teams agreed to play and away we went.


Dylan opened  the bowling with his mate Luke McIntyre  and apart from a couple of wides in the first over was quite tight (0-5 off his 2). Luke was on the spot right from the first ball which bowled the opener with a cracker that hit the top of off stump. He also got a wicket with his 5th ball and finished his 3 overs with the excellent figures of 2-7. Bud was keeping well and with the fielders sensing a win the chat was loud and encouraging.


Adam Oulton bowled with good pace (0-6 off 2)  but we started to let a few byes through and some no balls added to the score. Patrick Bannister (0-3 off 2) and a good over from Charlie (0-8 off 2)  had South in strife at 2-17 off 7. This was soon 3-21 when the athletic and quick thinking Adam Oulton at fine leg threw a great return to Bud for a fabulous run out and South were 3-21. The backing up in the field was a lot better this week and fielders were walking in with the bowler. Similar to Luke – Hugo Twigg came on and struck first ball as the batsman skied to cover and the livewire Ben took a great catch. (4-31 off 12)


Ben followed on with his good form in the field with a good over bowling a batsman middle stump (5-31) and Dylan was fielding well at fine leg. Adam Oulton again used his great arm to run out another batsman trying for a run off a no ball and we had them in all sorts of trouble at 6-31. Paddy Twigg stopped a crunching pull shot and his hands would have been ringing for a while but he saved a boundary. In fact, the first boundary was not hit until the 11th over. Jospeh came on and managed to land a good over and got a wicket with his second ball and bowled a wicket/maiden. South 7-38. Elias came on to bowl (0-4) and Joseph ended with the excellent figures of 2-7 after Alexander provided the highlight for the day with a screaming catch at point when he dived forward to catch the wet ball just inches from the ground. After 17 overs South were 7-40 but we had bowled 20 no-balls so there is room for improvement even though the Elwood team were on fire.


For the third time in the innings a bowler came on and got a wicket first ball and this time it was Paddy Twigg’s (1-1) turn as keeper Bud took a fine catch standing at the stumps. Ben continued to field well and at 9-46 off 19 overs we only needed Andrew Tzimos  (1-0)to come on and bowl the last batsman. South were all out for 46 off 20 overs (25 extras) .  Given this was our first 2 day game for the season we had lots of time to hopefully build a lead


The openers Bud and Andrew looked solid as Bud got off the mark with a singles to mid wicket and Andrew hooked and drove. Bud was run out on a direct hit from deep point going for the second run then Andrew was out bowled and we were 2-14 off 5 overs and in a bit of trouble. We really needed a partnership and some sensible batting. Elias came in to join Dylan who managed to get the 2nd boundary for the day with a well timed square cut.


Elias proved he could defend and South started to bowl a few wides and no balls. Elias eventually played over a good ball to be bowled and we were 3-25 off 8. A partnership was now really required. In strode Luke McIntyre who along with Dylan Harrison – Smith managed to stay in for the remainder of the day (8 overs). Dylan picked off the odd single and Luke hooked a boundary as the partnership built. At 3-38 off 13 overs things were starting to look good for a win as Dylan and Luke placed a value on their wicket and didn’t play rash shots. After a few more driven and cut singles from Dylan and a glanced single from Luke we finally passed the score off a wide in the 16th over and at stumps we were 3-49 off 16 overs. Well done to the whole team and the  not out batsman with the top scores for the whole day – Dylan (7 not out)  and Luke (3 not out) and hopefully we can continue to build the lead with the rest of the batsman next week.


Day 2:


The second day dawned hot and still and ideal conditions for building our lead. The ground had quickened up and was a lot easier to find the boundaries.


Starting the day at 3-49 with Adam Oulton and Paddy Bannister we immediately took to the attack with Adam driving well for a single then an off drive for a boundary. He then played a difficult shot but made it look easy as stroked an ON Drive along the ground towards the scorers who were flat out keeping up with all the run frenzy. Taking 12 off one over with pulled boundaries the bowling wasn’t really testing this pair as Paddy banister hooked a single and we quickly found ourselves 3-74 off 20 overs. Adam pulled another boundary and with good calling managed to also mix it up with crisp running. Adam finally retired after a brutal 26not out with 6 boundaries and Paddy retired at the same time for a well made 7 and we were 3-87.


Hugo strolled in and made his intentions known immediately with a well struck pulled four. Batting with the left handed Charlie Stock the bowling struggled for line and length. Hugo hooked two glorious fours in a row and we were 3-100 in 23 overs. Hooking well and driving for 2 Hugo kept the scorers busy and at 3-112 Hugo retired with 29 not out with 6 boundaries. Charlie did his job and returned with 6 not out. The bowling improved but Joe and Ben managed to keep the score ticking with deft glances and Joe soon hooked and pulled two boundaries and we brought up the 150. At 3-150 Joe retired for 13 and Ben made one not out. It was then Paddy Twigg and Luke’s turn and we continued on with no wickets being lost for the morning as Luke pushed singles and they ran well. Luke, having a big match retired again for 5 n.o. and at 3-158 Dylan came in – slapped a four through point, Paddy who is an aggressive runner swept a boundary  and retired at 8 not out. Dylan was 11 not out at the end of the innings and after 36 overs we were 3-180 off 36 overs. This was an excellent effort by all the batsman although there were 68 sundries which added to the total.


Elwood then had the opportunity to bowl 17 overs in an effort to bowl South out for the outright. Bud opened the bowling and got a wicket in the first over when he bowled the opener 1-5 off the first over. Coach Woody left for the races but had strict instructions all planned out on who would bowl and rotate etc. Andrew bowled well for a maiden and then Elias was very accurate but unable to get an edge although the enthusiastic wicketkeeper P.Twigg was certainly testing the umpires with his appealing.


Dylan (0-5) bowled well and Elias going for a run out did a direct hit but just missed the dismissal as the batsman ground his bat. South hit a couple of boundaries and catches feel just short. Elias was bowling really well and Luke bowled a maiden with pace. Joseph got hit for a couple of boundaries but the Elwood boys were sticking at their task and catches were falling closer. There was almost a couple of run outs then Hugo got a wicket caught well by Ben Devine. Paddy Bannister came on and induced a snick that just bounced in front of Luke at point. Next ball same ball hit a bit harder and Luke took a blinder in the outfield at point. South were soon 4-42 as Paddy got his second wicket when he bowled the batsman.


Adam Oulton, who had already wrecked havoc with his batting was now doing his best impression of Brett Lee as he steamed in and bowled at a pace above anything else seen in the game. Paddy was keeping well to this barrage. Adam hit the top of off stump with a snorter and they were 5-42 and his run up seemed to get longer.


Bud again bowled sensibly for not many runs and Joseph finished a tidy spell. Andrew was bowling a fast spell and got a nick to just in front of Luke in gully. Next ball he did the same and Luke snaffled a sharp catch for his 2nd for the day. South were 6 down and we needed 4 more with one Elias over left. South bravely survived with the score 6-52 and Elwood had won easily on the first innings.


The game had been a big improvement in our fielding (especially Luke and Ben) and the additions of Adam, Hugo, Paddy.B and Andrew helped.


Well done Elwood!

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