Round 4: Woody

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Day One 12th November v East Sandringham.

Playing at home on a glorious day the boys were excited to have some quality additions to the side from the other U/12 team  in Declan Hollick, Connor Moohan, Marco Walker and Mac Hocking.

There was a bit of dew on the ground and the boundaries were set long so we knew when the we looked at the very organised opposition,  lost the toss and got to field we would be tested today.

The usual opening bowlers Luke McIntyre and Dylan Harrison –Smith set about their tasks well against batsman that had compact and correct techniques. The batsman were backing up and keen to get singles. One area that Coach Woody had stressed we improve on was in our bowling accuracy and it was heartening to see the accurate bowling from Luke and Dylan with no wides early and a few plays and misses.

Paddy Twigg fielded well at fine leg and Connor came on early to try his leg spin and nearly got a wicket when Ben just failed to hang on to a tough one. Ben was bowling well in usual bustling aggressive style and after 8 overs Sandy were 0-22. Ben eventually got the breakthrough by hitting the top of off stump and the second wicket fell when Mac Hocking dived forward at gully to take a great catch and the score was 2-31 off 9. Marco Walker came on and immediately put the batsman through their paces with his speed and whippy action. Joseph Weinbach had a bowl  and did well as the standard of batting continued to impress when Sandy ran hard and backed up. 2-41 off 13.

Paddy Bannister continued his good form with the ball ripping the off stump out of the ground with a snorter. Of course Paddy twirled around to the crowd of supportive families and stuck his finger high into the air in celebration “Warney style”. Two balls later he took out the middle stump and again we got the by now trademark “Bannister finger celebration”. 4-49 off 15. A double wicket maiden over to Paddy.B. Mac came on and with his smooth action managed to get the batsman defending. Paddy Twigg, who had been fielding enthusiastically came on to bowl along with the much improved Elias who bowled an excellent maiden over. Declan had a go and Bud who had given up the gloves to Paddy Twigg at drinks managed a wicket when the reliable Luke took another catch. 5-59 off 23 and we were right in the game. There was only one boundary hit all day as Luke came on again and immediately got a wicket when the batsman chopped on 6-60.

Dylan bowled an accurate maiden and we were managing to keep up the pressure and concentration even though the day was warming up. Connor once again offered up his flighted leggies and Paddy Twigg almost took the catch of the summer diving across to his right with the gloves on. The energetic Ben came on again and managed to get a wicket when a firmly struck cut was caught by Joseph at gully. Great catch! 7-62. The Sandy batsman that ahd retired had by now come back in and it was a real test for us as they hooked Marco. Joseph got a wicket caught in the gully and they were 8-81 off 31 overs. Elias, Bud  and Declan did their best against good batsman who were running very well and looking for runs at every opportunity. 8-93 off 36. Luke got another wicket caught behind by the effervescent Paddy Twigg (who certainly doesn’t mind appealing ) 9-97 off 37 overs. East Sandy ended up with the good score of 9-106 off the mornings 40 overs. Elwood have really improved and the additions of the more experienced players is really setting standards for the other players to learn from. Our fielding and general level of concentration was much better and today there were 34 extras which is a big improvement from previous weeks.

Bowling figures:

  • Luke 2-11 off 4
  • Dylan 0-9 off 4
  • Connor 0-9 off 3
  • Ben 3-12 off 4
  • Marco 0-5 off 3
  • Jospeh 1-12 off 3
  • Paddy B. 2-7 off 3
  • Bud 1-4 off 2
  • Declan 0-4 off 3
  • Elias 0-12 off 3
  • Paddy T 0-1 off 1

Day Two 19th November v East Sandringham.

The day dawned cold and extremely wet but both teams were keen to make a start and within minutes of water being swept off the wicket the game started at 9am in light drizzle. Elwood knew they would have a battle on their hands chasing 107 on a waterlogged outfield with a soggy ball but with our 4 recruits from the higher team we started the day in a positive frame of mind. This was not to last.

Bud and Joseph opened the batting and at least had the benefit of a dry ball as they initially looked confident against good tight bowling and keen fielding. Bud played his first attacking shot in the air to the right of the cover fieldsman and he reached across and took a screamer of a catch to send poor bud on his way for a duck. Marco soon followed after getting a good ball that bowled him also for a duck. Our score was 2-2 and the dressing room was in chaos as batsman quickly padded up. Declan joined Joseph and he played a couple of nice cuts and drives but was soon bowled for 3 and we were now a  disastrous 3-6. Connor entered the fray and looked the part, made a few singles but played an ambitious hook off a ball that hit middle stump. This was not the shot to be playing at 3-9 and Connor trudged off disconsolately knowing he had wasted an opportunity to show the younger boys how to value your wicket. Joseph was next out for 2 – again bowled after leaving a gap in his forward defense and we were 5-10.

The aggressive Paddy Twigg strode defiantly to the wicket but played over the top of his third ball and was bowled for a duck – score 6-10 and it was looking like the cold bedraggled parents might be heading for an early exit. Mac came in and hooked a single and looked comfortable as he and Elias tried to right the listing ship. Elias was also bowled for a duck to a straight one and we were 7-14. Charlie Stock hit a single and Mac played sensibly but Charlie was soon bowled out for 1 and the score was 8-22. The east Sandy team were very keen in the field and we can learn from their walking in at every ball and lots of encouragement for their bowlers. We really needed a partnership or at least someone to put up a fight and support Mac at 8-22 after only 10 overs.  Dylan came in and immediately played straight and defended some accurate bowling and at least putting some value on his wicket. Mac hit some fine strokes including a hook for 2 but was bowled on the top of off stump for 9 and we had one wicket left at 9-25. Luke and Dylan played straight and clearly enjoy batting together. It is worth noting that Luke is only 8 but he put the top order to shame as he and Dylan batted for 10 overs. Dylan hit some cover drives straight to fielders but the score mounted with wides and byes.  Sometimes cricket is about occupying the crease, getting your eye in and the score will come.  Dylan retired for a gutsy 2no  and Ben and Paddy Bannister came in with Luke until Luke was finally bowled for a gutsy 1. Paddy was also bowled for 1 and Ben was not out 2 and we were all out for 39 by 10.30am. With 18 sundries being the top score next to Mac’s 9, it certainly wasn’t our best day but Woody suggested we all get to practice and show next week that we are better than today’s performance.

Ben was man of the match for his great 3 wicket haul and his effervescent fielding and Mac also won an award.

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