Round five: the teams (& Kev Wetdewich’s 100th game!)

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Hello all,

Well, amazingly, the weather forecast for Saturday looks good — so we are finally going to play some cricket!

The big news this week is that another very special member of our cricket club will bring up a major milestone in Round 5.

Kevin Wetdewich, current Third XI captain, premiership player, master of the bottom hand, fantastic clubman and Elwood’s favourite Rhodesian, will play his 100th game against Aspendale Gardens on Saturday. At season’s end Kevin will become Elwood’s newest Life Member.

A fantastic achievement for a very popular Elwood lad who was spied by former Elwood president Glenn Jacques lurking around the Wattie Watson boundary over 10 years ago.

Kev joins Adam Green, Nathan Harris and Marshall Bunting in racking up the 100 game milestone for Elwood so far this year.

So make sure you buy Kev a beer on Saturday night after we celebrate five wins!

In other news, on Sunday, we will be hosting our annual Elwood Lounge Six-A-Side day. We ask all players and supporters to come down from 12.30pm to support the club, and enjoy yourselves. It really is a great day.

Anyway, teams below.

Go well boys.

Let’s have a cracking Saturday.

Ist XI (6th) playing East Sandringham Boys Club (2nd) at Elwood:
Umpires: Steve Bott & Matt Jamieson

  1. Marshall Bunting (c) 0431 838 267
  2. Nathan Harris
  3. Steve Jones
  4. Sammy Tee
  5. Andrew Leslie
  6. Jack Mussett
  7. Adam Green
  8. Chris De Lutiis
  9. Sammy Dagher (wk)
  10. Rob De Haan
  11. Marcus Bayer

2nd XI (9th) playing Bentleigh Uniting 3 (4th) at Bailey Reserve (Mel Ref 68 K12):

  1. Anesti Cosmas (C) 0402 455 700
  2. Luke Baillie
  3. Matt Harris
  4. Jay Donovan
  5. Brenden Pearce
  6. Aaron Norling
  7. Oscar Persson
  8. Leigh Josey (wk)
  9. Chris “Boundi” Williams
  10. Aaron Dann
  11. Luke Stanley

3rd XI (3rd) playing Aspendale Gardens 2 (8th) at Glen Street Reserve (Mel Ref 92 J5):

  1. Kevin Wetdewich (c) 0415 552 534
  2. Ryan Bagust
  3. Ray Earls
  4. Peter Tsiampas
  5. Patrick Reilly
  6. Carey Lyon
  7. Justin “Moz” Forster
  8. Ian Grundy (wk)
  9. Michael Roberts
  10. James Roberts
  11. Tom Earls

4th XI (1st) playing Omega 5 (7th) at Elwood:

  1. Dave May (c) 0401 326 263
  2. Steve Murphy (wk)
  3. Alan Parkinson
  4. Nathan Turner
  5. Mic Collis
  6. Lachlan Harris
  7. Leon Harris
  8. Mitch Clarke
  9. Howie Persson
  10. Sam Mirenda
  11. Chris Forster

5th XI (10th) playing Dingley 1 (11th) at Peanut Farm (Mel Ref 58 A11):

  1. Rick Yeatman (c) 0409 954 038
  2. Stuart Parkyn
  3. John Phillips
  4. Tom Yeatman
  5. Dave Tacon
  6. Rob O’Keefe
  7. John Schibli
  8. Julian Yeatman
  9. Darcy Yuille
  10. Hamish Mitchell
  11. Tony King
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