Round 7: the teams

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Hello all,

Well it’s the first match for 2012 and it’s going to see some cracking matches.

First of all, the Firsts are playing at home against Mackie in a special exhibition style game — a CMCA initiative — that will see the game’s start time delayed by an hour, starting at 2pm, that will hopefully see a big Elwood crowd as the boys finish their games and head back to the club rooms.

Regarding the First XI, Round 7 sees a somewhat changing of the guard as future Elwood champions — allrounder Oscar Persson and wicketkeeper James Small — join their former under 16s teammate Kristian Dompietro in the First XI. Saturday’s First XI will feature seven (and a half if you include Adam Green) players from Elwood’s junior program. Get around the boys and support them on Saturday!

And Oscar’s younger brother Howie makes his Third XI debut this week. Well done Howie!

And congratulations to Elwood President Dave May and the lovely Sam on the birth of Sophie on New Year’s Eve!

Oh, and it’s an Elwood Lounge night on Saturday night, so once we are done celebrating fve wins at the club rooms let’s head to our major sponsor to keep the celebrations flowing!

Go well Elwood.

1st XI (8th) playing Mackie (5th) @ Elwood at the special time of 2pm:

  1. Nathan Harris
  2. Kristian Dompietro
  3. Steve Jones
  4. Marshall Bunting (c)
  5. Matt Harris
  6. Jack Mussett
  7. Chris De Lutiis
  8. Adam Green
  9. Oscar Persson
  10. Rob De Haan
  11. James Small (wk)

2nd XI (7th) playing Mackie 2 (12th) @ Mackie Road Reserve (Me Ref 69 C12):

  1. Luke Baillie
  2. Aaron Norling
  3. Anesti Cosmas (c)
  4. Brenden Pearce
  5. Jay Donovan
  6. Sammy Dagher (wk)
  7. Aaron Dann
  8. Chris Williams
  9. Mike Hill
  10. Marcus Bayer
  11. Luke Stanley

3rd XI (4th) playing Melbourne Hellenic 1 (5th) @ The Peanut Farm (Mel Ref 58 A11):

  1. Ryan Bagust
  2. Steve Murphy
  3. Pat Reilly
  4. Peter Tsiampas
  5. Kevin Wetdewich (c)
  6. James Roberts
  7. Mick Roberts
  8. Leigh Josey (wk)
  9. Greg Thwaites
  10. Mitch Clarke
  11. Howie Persson

4th XI (1st) playing East Sandringham Boys Club 4 (8th) @ Elwood:

  1. Alan Parkinson
  2. John Phillips
  3. Nathan Turner
  4. Mic Collis
  5. Scott Leach
  6. David Robertson
  7. Ian Grundy (wk)
  8. Leon Harris
  9. Lachy Harris
  10. Sam Mirenda
  11. Dave May

5th XI (11th) playing Melbourne Wanderers 3 (3rd) @ Fawkner Park Oval No.3 (Ross Satchwell Oval) (Mel Ref 2L C8):

  1. Stuart Parkyn
  2. Darcy Yuille
  3. John Schibli
  4. Dave Tacon
  5. Rick Yeatman (c)
  6. Dale Brewster
  7. Tom Yeatman
  8. Julian Yeatman (wk)
  9. Tom Balme
  10. Angus Matthews
  11. Tony King

1st XI playing Mackie @ Elwood at the special time of 2pm

Nathan Harris
Kristian Dompietro
Steve Jones
Marshall Bunting (c)
Matt Harris
Jack Mussett
Chris De Lutiis
Adam Green
Oscar Persson
Rob De Haan
James Small (wk)

2nd XI playing Mackie @ Mackie

Luke Baillie
Aaron Norling
Anesti Cosmas (c)
Brenden Pearce
Jay Donovan
Sammy Dagher (wk)
Aaron Dann
Chris Williams
Mike Hill
Marcus Bayer
Luke Stanley

3rd XI playing Melbourne Hellenic @ The Peanut Farm

Ryan Bagust
Steve Murphy
Pat Reilly
Peter Tsiampas
Kevin Wetdewich (c)
James Roberts
Mick Roberts
Leigh Josey (wk)
Greg Thwaites
Mitch Clarke
Howie Persson

4th XI playing East Sandringham Boys Club @ Elwood

Alan Parkinson
John Phillips
Nathan Turner
Mic Collis
Scott Leach
David Robertson
Ian Grundy (wk)
Leon Harris
Lachy Harris
Sam Mirenda
Dave May

5th XI playing Melbourne Wanderers @ Fawkner Park

Stuart Parkyn
Darcy Yuille
John Schibli
Dave Tacon
Rick Yeatman (c)
Dale Brewster
Tom Yeatman
Julian Yeatman (wk)
Tom Balme
Angus Matthews
Tony King


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