The teams: Round 6

November 29, 2012 No Comments

Congratulations to Elwood young gun Mitch Clarke who will be making his Longmuir debut this round. Congratulations also to Gene Kingi who will also be making his Longmuir debut. Good luck, lads.

And congratulations to Marcus Bayer who plays his 50th game for the club this round. A committed club man, it’s a fantastic achievement by Marcus. Well done, mate.

And finally a few debuts. Best of luck to Elwood juniors Joel Crocker and Hugo Twigg who make their senior debuts this round and to the latest member of Elwood’s Barmy Army, Luke Gachet, who makes his club debut.

Well done boys!

1st XI vs. Bentleigh Unting @ Elwood

  1. S. Jones
  2. N. Harris
  3. B. Chawla (c)
  4. A. Howard
  5. A. Leslie
  6. G. Kingi
  7. L. Baillie
  8. S. Dagher (wk)
  9. R. De Haan
  10. J. Bunting
  11. M. Clarke

2nd XI vs. Bentleigh Uniting @ Bailey Reserve [Melway 68 K12]

  1. S. Murphy (wk)
  2. A. Green
  3. A. Cosmas (c)
  4. J. Greening
  5. E. Yeatman
  6. P. Tsiampas
  7. C. Wilcox/S.Kingi
  8. J. Murphy
  9. C. Williams
  10. M.Bayer
  11. G. Thwaites

3rd XI vs. Aspendale Gardens @ Memorial Oval (Edithvale Common) [Melway 93 C8]

  1. R. Earls
  2. A. Parkinson/K. Dompietro
  3. P. Reilly
  4. Z. Leiser-Moore
  5. K. Wetdewich (c) /O.Persson
  6. L. Josey (wk)
  7. J. Donovan
  8. S. Leach
  9. J. Hanley
  10. S. Mirenda
  11. L. Stanley

4th XI vs. East Sandringham Boys Club @ Elwood

  1. R. Bagust
  2. Lachy Harris
  3. N. Turner
  4. R. Harris
  5. J. Phillips
  6. M. Collis
  7. I. Grundy (wk)
  8. L. Gachet
  9. H. Marshall
  10. J. Cougan
  11. D. May (c)

5th XI vs. West Bentleigh @ the Peanut Farm

  1. J. Yeatman (wk)
  2. J. Schibli
  3. W. Lee
  4. H. Twigg
  5. R. O’Keefe
  6. Leon. Harris
  7. H. Kohler
  8. B. Picone
  9. J. Crocker
  10. T. King (c)
  11. TBA
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