The Teams: Round 10

February 8, 2013 No Comments

It’s the penultimate round of the home and away season and boy do we have a lot to play for.

Our 1st XI are still a realistic chance of making finals and must win the next two games starting this Saturday!

Meanwhile, the Twos, Threes and Fours continue their respective excellent seasons sitting either first or second on their respective ladders — but still needing to carry that momentum through to finals.

And the Fifths are proving the most popular team at the club, getting the win last week saw the President shout the club for half an hour at the bar for getting the five wins.

And speaking of the President, congratulations to Brett and his beautiful wife Nic for the arrival of their son Cooper! Wonderful news!

Oh, and it’s Sammy Mirenda’s, aka Rambo, aka Fossil, 50th game this week for Elwood. Congratulations Sammy! take a bag this weekend, mate!

Ist XI (6th) vs Brighton Union (9th) @ Hurlingham Park Oval No.1 [Melway 67 J10] Umpire: Karl Kitto & Allan Logan

  1. Nath Harris
  2. Sam Tee
  3. Steve Jones
  4. Bobby Chawla (c)
  5. Adam Howard
  6. Steve Kingi
  7. Gene Kingi
  8. Rob De Haan
  9. Jackson Bunting
  10. Leigh Josey (wk)
  11. Dylan Foote

2nd XI (1st) vs Brighton Union 2 (8th) @ Elwood
Umpire: Shane Smith 

  1. Adam Green (c)
  2. Jay Donovan
  3. Kristian Dompietro (wk)
  4. Luke Baillie
  5. Julian Greening
  6. Calvin Lyon
  7. Chris Phillips
  8. Oscar Persson
  9. Mitch Clarke
  10. Josh Murphy
  11. Marcus Bayer

3rd XI (2nd) vs Brighton District 1 (9th) @ Dendy Park West (Synthetic #1) [Melway 77 A2 (Glencairn Ave end)]

  1. Alan Parkinson
  2. Ray Earls
  3. Ryan Harris
  4. Pat Reilly
  5. Scott Leach
  6. Kev Wetdewich (c)
  7. Ian Grundy (wk)
  8. Jack Hanley
  9. Mike Hill
  10. Lachy Venn
  11. Greg Thwaites

4th XI (1st) vs Hampton Unitied 2 (4th) @ Peanut Farm Reserve [Melway 58 A11] Umpire: Basil Hendrikse

  1. Ryan Bagust (wk)
  2. John Phillips
  3. Nathan Turner
  4. Zac Leiser-Moore
  5. Will Lee
  6. Mic Collis
  7. John Schibli
  8. Howie Persson
  9. Luke Stanley
  10. Sam Mirenda
  11. Dave May (c)

5th XI (9th) vs Bentleigh Uniting 6 (12th) @ Caulfield Park Oval No.6 [Melway 59 C12]

  1. Rick Yeatman (c)
  2. Julian Yeatman (wk)
  3. David Robertson
  4. Carey Lyon
  5. Mick Roberts
  6. Julian Cougan
  7. Luke Gachet
  8. Tom Balme
  9. Dane Wilsonson
  10. Blake Picione
  11. Tony King
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