The Best Senior Team 1972-2012

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Elwood greatest ever team from 1972-2012 recognises outstanding contributions on the field for our First XI. The selection panel for Elwood’s team of the decade was: John Feehan, Gerry Feehan, John Schibli, Anesti Cosmas, Pat Reilly, Trevor Blaser, Ian Grundy, Ray Earls, Mic Collis, Leigh Josey (non voting facilitator).

Congratulations to all players selected, it’s a pretty impressive side.

  1. Ian Grundy
  2. Marshall Bunting
  3. Ano Apostolopoulos
  4. Gerry Russell
  5. Pat Reilly
  6. Mick Doyle (c)
  7. Geoff Brown (wk)
  8. Jody Hellman
  9. Craig Hitchcock
  10. Rob De Haan
  11. Humphrey Hughes
  12. John Feehan (12th man)

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Ian Grundy

337 matches | 6729 runs @ 27.58| H.S 138 | 5 100s | 292 catches and 30 stumpings

A long time champion at Elwood, “Reg” as he is affectionately called made his name as an outstanding bat and gully fieldsman for Elwood’s 1st XI. A fine keeper too, Grundy’s record speaks for itself and he continues to play a key role on and off the field at the club.

Marshall Bunting

108 matches | 2352 runs @ 30.15 | H.S 151 | 4 100s | 58 catches | 198 wickets at 20.87 | BB 7/58

The youngest member of this team, Bunting picks himself. An outstanding all round cricketer, Marshall is one of the most successful graduates from Elwood’s junior programme. Destructive with the bat, brilliant with the ball and a fine set of hands, Marshall could influence a game like few in Elwood’s history.

Ano Apostolopoulos

37 matches | 1795 runs @ 56.09 | H.S 142 | 5 100s | 22 catches

Few batsman have had the authority at the crease for Elwood that Apostolopoulos commanded. His average of just over 56 for Elwood’s First XI indicated the quality of cricketer that he was for us. In just 35 innings Ano dispatched five hundreds and 14 fifties; a remarkable record.

Gerry Russell

214 matches | 5720 runs @ 32.87 | H.S 121* | 4 100s | 82 catches

When the name Gerry Russell is mentioned amongst Elwood’s seasoned veterans the words “the best ever bat for the club” is often heard. Russell is highly regarded at Wattie Watson and was a key member of our Longmuir premiership in 1986/87. In his career for Elwood he amassed a mountain of runs at a very healthy average.

Pat Reilly

259 matches | 6312 runs @ 26.52 | H.S 110* | 6 100s | 78 catches

Don’t let his laid back and laconic nature fool you, Reilly is a competitive beast and has created a brilliant record for himself at Elwood. Reilly is still playing and assisting at the club and even though his one liners are as quick as his strike rate, a quick glance of the best partnerships in the history of Elwood’s involvement in Longmuir shows how important Reilly has been to this club.

Mick Doyle (c)

259 matches | 5414 runs @ 23.54 | H.S 130 | 5 100s | 116 catches

Elwood’s only Longmuir premiership captain and captain of this selected team, Doyle’s batting record is often overlooked by his feats as skipper. Not only was he able to lead Elwood to the ultimate glory he provided a rock in the batting order and was a wonderful fieldsman as well.

Geoff Brown (wk)

139 matches | 2478 runs @ 22.53 | H.S 142 | 1 100 | 113 catches | 14 stumpings

Quick, fleet-footed, nimble and as tough as nails, Brown’s selection as gloveman for this team was unanimous. He may well be regarded as Elwood’s own “Prince of Keepers” and his batting record shows he was more than handy with a highest score of 142.

Jody Hellman

68 matches | 1729 runs @ 30.33 | H.S 108* | 2 100s | 201 wickets @ 15.24 | BB 7/34

Hellman was one of Elwood’s most dominant players. His left-arm chinaman bowling and destructive batting saw him win an unprecedented six club championships. He was instrumental in getting Elwood back into the top flight from Woolnough and is regarded as one of the very best cricketers ever to play for this club.

Craig Hitchcock

151 matches | 2025 runs @ 21.54 | H.S 118* | 2 hundreds | 70 catches | 357 wickets @ 16.48 | BB 7/40

When opposition players talk of “Hitchy” they talk of the fearsome, barrel chested, into-the-wind opening bowler whose bowling partnership with Humphrey Hughes is the stuff of CMCA legend. Hitchcock put the fear of god into opposition batsmen. For a long time. He was also a genuine all rounder as his batting record attests to.

Rob De Haan

43 matches | 15 catches | 93 wickets @ 18.52 | BB 6/48

The player to have played the least games for Elwood to make this side his selection was instant and unanimous such is the impact he has made in his short time at Elwood. A leg spinner with exceptional flight, variety and guile, De Haan equalled Humphrey Hughes’ 37 Longmuir wickets in a season in 2011/12 and then surpassed Craig Hitchcock’s record of 39 the following year.

Humphrey Hughes

341 matches | 103 catches | 822 wickets @ 16.02 | BB 8/38

Humphrey Hughes’s name is synonymous with Elwood. “Locky” as he is affectionately referred to terrorised CMCA and YCW batsmen for years; his record of 822 wickets for this club will most likely never be beaten. Or even got close to. He is a gentleman, a complete contrast to the fiery speed demon who charged in with the wind at Elwood for years, demolishing terrified batting line-ups at will. A Hall of Fame inductee in 2013, Hughes is truly a legend of Elwood.

John Feehan

505 matches | 10,827 runs @ 25.30 | H.S 172 | 8 100s | 214 catches |

John Feehan is “Mr Elwood”. Not only did he co-found the club in 1972 with his brother Gerry but Feehan also holds the record for both most games and most runs — two records that, if broken, will take a super human effort to achieve. John was not only a fine batsman, but a fine all round cricketer who thought deeply about the game. An indication of how strong this team is would be that John Feehan has been named 12th man, such is his standing at Elwood. Feehan was the first inductee into Elwood’s hall of fame in 2013.

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