Elwood’s 40th Anniversary Celebration

February 28, 2013 No Comments

The 40th anniversary held on Saturday night, the 23rd of February, was a massive success as Elwood had one of the best parties ever seen on the hallowed turf of Wattie Watson.

It was so wonderful to see so many faces from Elwood’s past and the boys and girls of Elwood’s history didn’t pass the chance to reminisce on golden times by celebrating into the wee hours of the morning.

Our MC for the night, Steve Murphy, dispensed one liners like he does bowler’s deliveries as the Elwood faithful were entertained by live music and served some delicious canapes.

Our guest speaker for night Keith Stackpole was excellent, retelling stories of using a slips cradle with Kerry Packer and other hilarious anecdotes.

The best junior team of Elwood’s 40 years was presented by Ray Earls and saw his son Tom and James Small make the team. You can see the team here. Congratulations boys.

The team of the past decade, 2002-2012, was presented by Trevor Blaser. You can see the full team here. Well done to all the players chosen.

The prestigious team of the Elwood’s 40 years was presented by John Schibli and included four new faces from the team of the 30th anniversary. The new players were Marshall Bunting, Ano Anostopoulos, Pat Reilly and Rob De Haan. In what was a sign of how good the night was, 10 of the 12 players from Elwood’s greatest ever team were in attendance. You can see the full team here.

The hall of fame was the centerpiece of the night. Elwood has always had three “unofficial” legends but Saturday night was the night to make it official and announce a fourth into this select group. John Feehan, Ben Fernando and Ray Howard were officially ratified as club legends by being the first three players inducted into Elwood’s hall of fame. The fourth player inducted into the hall of fame was legendary Elwood fast bowler Humphrey Hughes. You can read more about the hall of fame recipients here.

Finally, thank you to all who made this night possible. The biggest thanks goes to Adam Green who made sure this night and all the logistics were up and running. Well done Moose!

We’ll see you all in ten years time to do this again!

*A gallery of photos from the night can be viewed on Facebook here

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