The Teams: Finals Week 1

February 28, 2013 No Comments

What a March Elwood is set to have!

Our top four senior teams in finals, three of them with a double chance!

Obviously selections were very difficult this week and players who have played all year and done nothing wrong have missed out on a chance this week to play finals cricket. But we ask all players and supporters to rally around the club and support the boys as we go into battle for at least one more time this weekend.

Remember, all games are Saturday and Sunday for the finals!

Oh, and we have a couple of milestones this week. Luke Stanley and Jay Donovan play there 50th match this week for Elwood. Well done boys!

And Fourth XI captain and former club President Dave may plays his 100th game for the club. Well done Maysie! Buy him a beer or a cordial on Saturday night at the club!

Ist XI (4th) vs Carnegie South (3rd) @ Packer Park [Melway 68 J8] Umpire: Steve Bott & harry Sherrard

  1. Nathan Harris
  2. Sam Tee
  3. Adam Howard
  4. Steve Kingi
  5. Steve Jones
  6. Bobby Chawla (c)
  7. Gene Kingi
  8. Steve Murphy (wk)
  9. Rob De Haan
  10. Jackson Bunting
  11. Dylan Foote

2nd XI (1st) vs Bentleigh Uniting (2nd) @ Elwood
Umpires: Craig Hough & Noel Pullen

  1. Adam Green (c)
  2. Kristian Dompietro
  3. Julian Greening
  4. Luke Baillie
  5. Oscar Persson
  6. Chris Phillips
  7. Calvin Lyon
  8. Mitch Clarke
  9. Sammy Dagher (wk)
  10. Josh Murphy
  11. Marcus Bayer

3rd XI (2nd) vs Melbourne Hellenic (1st) @ King George VI Reserve, Oval No.1 [Melway 77 K4] Umpires: Michael Aldred & Denis McKeegan

  1. Jay Donovan
  2. Alan Parkinson
  3. Pat Reilly
  4. Ray Earls
  5. Kevin Wetdewich (c)
  6. Scott Leach
  7. Leigh Josey (wk)
  8. Ciaran Wilcox
  9. Howie Persson
  10. Lachie Venn
  11. Greg Thwaites

4th XI (1st) vs West Bentleigh (2nd) @ Hurlingham Park Oval No.1 [Melway 67 J10] Umpire: Gary March

  1. Ryan Bagust
  2. Nathan Turner
  3. John Phillips
  4. Ryan Harris
  5. Zac Leiser-Moore
  6. Lachlan Harris
  7. Ian Grundy (wk)
  8. Boundi WIlliams
  9. Sam Mirenda
  10. Luke Stanley
  11. Dave May (c)
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