The Teams: Grand Final weekend

March 14, 2013 No Comments

So after almost six months of playing and training — longer if you add the preparation, 11 rounds of cricket and then some finals, the Elwood Cricket Club stands on the precipice of success as three of our senior teams will play off in grand finals this weekend.

Our Second, Third and Fourth XIs will be playing Saturday and Sunday from 1.3opm.

Needless to say the selection of these teams were not easy for the club’s selection committee. Good Elwood people missed out on a chance to take the field this weekend so for those that will don the green caps this weekend give your all to get some premiership flags down at Wattie Watson.

To all of our players not playing, past players, our supporters, our sponsors and their respective families; please support the club this weekend. If you can only drop in for a little bit — it matters. It’s a massive weekend for the club.

Without further adieu here are the 36 men who will be trying to bring home a flag for Elwood this weekend:

2nd XI (Quiney Shield)

vs. Bentleigh Uniting 3 @ Hurlingham Park Oval No.1 [Melway 67 J10]

Umpires: Matt Jamieson & Tony Yates

  1. Adam Green
  2. Steve Murphy (wk)
  3. Julian Greening
  4. Luke Baillie
  5. Anesti Cosmas (c)
  6. Oscar Persson
  7. Chris Phillips
  8. Calvin Lyon
  9. Mitch Clarke
  10. Josh Murphy
  11. Marcus Bayer
  12. Kristian Dompietro (12th man)

3rd XI (E Grade)

vs. Melbourne Hellenic 1 @ Elwood

Umpires: Craig Hough & Noel Pullen

  1. Ray Earls
  2. Jay Donovan
  3. Pat Reilly
  4. Ryan Harris
  5. Ciaran Wilcox
  6. Kevin Wetdewich (c)
  7. Leigh Josey
  8. Scott Leach
  9. Mike Hill
  10. Lachy Venn
  11. Greg Thwaites
  12. Chris “Boundi” Williams (12th man)

4th XI (F Grade)

vs. West Bentleigh 3 @ Le Page Park Oval No.1 [Melway 78 B12]

Umpires: Kark Kitto & Rob Massey

  1. Alan Parkinson
  2. Ryan Bagust
  3. John Phillips
  4. Peter Tsiampas
  5. Zac Leiser-Moore
  6. Lachy Harris
  7. Nathan Turner
  8. Ian Grundy (wk)
  9. Howie Persson
  10. Sam Mirenda
  11. Dave May (c)
  12. Jack Hanley (12th man)
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