New Elwood Committee elected

June 13, 2013 No Comments

Last night, the 2012/23 Annual General Meeting of of the Elwood Cricket Club was held at the club rooms. The club thanks all members who attended and it is always wonderful to see such strong numbers.

The AGM saw Steve Murphy elected as the new President of the club. Murph’s a passionate Elwood man and will make a great leader of our club. Congratulations, Murph.

Lindy Adamson was reelected Secretary, after doing such a wonderful job last year, a year in which she was named Best Clubman — well, Clubwoman! Top work Lindy!

The big news from the night was that after 18 straight years as Treasurer Mic Collis stepped down and Luke Stanley was elected as the new Treasurer of the cricket club. Mic is a legend of our club and has done more than anybody to keep the club running, strong and financially secure than just about anybody in our history. His contribution is peerless and he sits at the highest echelon of the greats of our club. They are big shoes to fill but Luke will do a great job! Well done Luke!

The other positions that were voted on were Vice President (Leigh Josey) and Assistant Secretary (Ryan Bagust).

It’s going to be a big year next year as we strive to add more silverware to the cabinet and we will need more help than ever before, so please contact Murph or Leigh if you want to get involved for next year.

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