Practice game: Elwood vs. Brunswick Sunday September 15, 11.30am

September 10, 2013 No Comments


The Elwood Cricket Club will be hosting a game against the good folk of Brunswick Cricket Club on Sunday September 15 starting at 11.30am at Elwood.
The match will be 40 over per innings, with a mandatory powerplay in the first 8 overs.
We encourage all Elwood players and supporters to come down and support the boys, plus the nets will be open for training from 11.30am and coach Booby Chawla will be running the nets for the remainder of the squad not playing in the game.
We will be having beers and refreshments and a BBQ with the Brunswick boys after the match. Please come down and support the club!
Here is the team vs Brunswickn. We have 14 players available and will try and give the batters a good hit and bowlers a decent bowl.
The team will be captained by Nathan Harris.
  1. Nathan Harris (c)
  2. Adam Howard
  3. Luke Baillie
  4. Gene Kingi
  5. Steve Kingi (wk)
  6. Anesti Cosmas
  7. Michael Hill
  8. Josh Murphy
  9. Sam McPhee
  10. Greg Gilbert
  11. Jack Harris
  12. Oscar Persson
  13. Tom Balme
  14. Sadan Hasan

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