Round Three: The Teams

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It was a tough week at the selection panel as the Sixths have a bye this week, but the teams are looking very strong as we strive to get six wins and then celebrate at Octoberfest next Saturday night.

The club also welcomes Anders Bulow, who arrived from Denmark on Sunday and will spend the summer playing cricket for us. Anders, a compatriot of our coach, Bobby Chawla, was made available to us via the Danish Cricket Board’s burgeoning relationship withe Elwood, as the DCB is sponsoring Anders’ cricket development via Elwood in Australia. We once again thank Bobby for fostering this relationship and look forward to this continuing for many years.

I’m sure everyone will make him feel at home and he is a welcome addition to the club and will make his club and Longmuir debut this week! Welcome to Australia, mate!

In the other games, the Twos head down the coast to Aspendale in a team-bonding road trip that will hopefully yield their first win for the season.

The Threes (and I might be bias) are probably involved in the match of the round for Elwood — the Grand Final replay against bitter rivals Melbourne Hellenic at the Peanut Farm. These games are never for the faint-hearted and it should be a cracker as Hellenic will throw everything at us seeking redemption.

The Fours are at home and welcome back goatee-ed skipper Dave May who has been partying in Fiji for a month celebrating Hawthorn’s lucky Grand Final win against Fremantle.

The Fifths are playing Highett West at Peterson Oval — one of the best grounds in the comp — which is a sign of the strength of our club that our Fifths are playing their Seconds.

The Sixths have a bye this week and will play a one-dayer next weekend.

Here are the Round Three teams…

1st XI (1st) vs Bentleigh ANA (7th) at Elwood
Umpires: Steve Bott & Geoff Paterson

  1. N. Harris
  2. S. Woods
  3. A. Howard
  4. A. Bulow (Club Debut)
  5. O. Persson
  6. A.J Chawla (c)
  7. G. Kingi
  8. S, Murphy (wk)
  9. R. De Haan
  10. J. Murphy
  11. S. Hussein

2nd XI (10th) vs Aspendale Gardens 1 (7th) at Memorial Oval (Edithvale Common) [Melway 93 C8] Umpire: Alan Jameson

  1. A. Green
  2. M. Harris
  3. A. Cosmas (c)
  4. L. Baillie (wk)
  5. C. Kilgour
  6. C. Phillips
  7. C. Lyon
  8. D. Foote
  9. M. Clarke
  10. M. Hill
  11. M. Bayer

3rd XI (7th) vs Melbourne Hellenic (14th) at Peanut Farm Reserve [Melway 58 A11]:
Umpire: Jonathan Chandler

  1. R. Earls
  2. A. Parkinson
  3. C. Wilcox
  4. S. McPhee
  5. J. Harris
  6. K. Wetdewich (c)
  7. L. Josey (wk)
  8. G. Gilbert
  9. S. Leach
  10. H. Persson
  11. L. Venn

4th XI (8th) vs Bentleigh ANA 3 (11th) at Elwood:

  1. R. Bagust
  2. P. Reilly
  3. J. Belkin
  4. P. Tsiampas
  5. D. Robertson
  6. N. Turner
  7. I. Grundy (wk)
  8. T. Balme
  9. J. Cougan
  10. L. Stanley
  11. D. May (c)

5th XI (10th) vs Highett West 2 (3rd) at Peterson Street Reserve Oval No.1 [Melway 77 B8]

  1. J. Schibli (c)
  2. S. Dagher (wk)
  3. M. Roberts
  4. J. Phillips
  5. C. Williams
  6. J. Norris
  7. R. Campbell
  8. M. Rosendorff
  9. A. Fisher
  10. M. Wallace
  11. L. Gachet



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