Round Seven: The Teams

December 13, 2013 No Comments


It’s the last game before Christmas so let’s see Santa arrive early and deliver a sack of wins to the club.

We have a few people unavailable as the festive season kicks in, what this means is many of our juniors — our up and coming superstars — are getting a chance to shine this round.

Notably our 2nd XI, who compete in the competition’s second highest grade, feature three of our Under 16s  team in Lachy Harris, Mitch Clarke and Howie Persson.

So good luck to everyone. Get  a sled load of wins.

Merry Christmas.

Here are the Round Seven teams…

1st XI (4th) vs Brighton Union (9th) at Hurlingham Park Oval No.1 [Melway 67 J10]:
Umpires: Rob Massey & Harry Sherrard

  1. N. Harris
  2. A. Bulow
  3. S. Woods
  4. A. Howard
  5. G. Kingi
  6. S. Murphy
  7. M. Harris
  8. A.J Chawla (c)
  9. L. Baillie (wk)
  10. C. Phillips
  11. S. Hussein

2nd XI (9th) vs Cluden 1 (9th) at Elwood:
Umpire: Craig Ragland

  1. A. Green
  2. K. Dompietro
  3. J. Belkin
  4. O. Persson/J. Murphy
  5. C. Kilgour
  6. L. Josey (wk)
  7. M. Clarke
  8. Lachy Harris
  9. H. Persson
  10. A. Cosmas (c)
  11. J. Grigoriants

3rd XI (9th) vs Melbourne Wanderers 2 (13th) at Elwood:
Umpire: Joel Lefkovic

  1. K. Wetdewich (c)
  2. R. Earls
  3. S. McPhee
  4. T. Rourke
  5. G. Phillips
  6. S. Dagher (wk)
  7. M. Rosendorff
  8. S. Leach
  9. M. Hill
  10. H. Marshall
  11. G. Thwaites

4th XI (10th) vs Aspendale Gardens 2 (11th) at Memorial Oval (Edithvale Common) [Melway 93 C8]:

  1. D. Robertson
  2. N. Turner
  3. J. Phillips
  4. P. Tsiampas
  5. I. Grundy (wk)
  6. D. Szdylik
  7. N. Pitkin
  8. T. Balme
  9. L. Stanley
  10. J. Cougan
  11. D. May (c)

5th XI (10th) vs Le Page park 3 (8th) at Peanut Farm Reserve [Melway 58 A11]:

  1. J. Crocker
  2. J. Norris (wk)
  3. R. Campbell
  4. H. Kohler
  5. A. Fisher (c)
  6. J. Fisher
  7. L. Gachet
  8. B. Picone
  9. M. Roberts
  10. M. Wallace
  11. D. Wilsonson

6th XI (5th) vs Bentleigh Uniting 6 (1st) at Elsternwick Park Oval No.3 [Melway 67 E5]:

  1. J. Yeatman (wk)
  2. R. Yeatman (c)
  3. A. Jones
  4. P. Marcolin
  5. S. Marcolin
  6. W. Latif
  7. S. Zaida
  8. Moosa
  9. P. Vargus
  10. I. Hussein
  11. M. Cheema

7th XI (6th) vs Cluden 3 (2nd) at Elsternwick Park Oval No.4 [Melway 67 D5]

  1. L. Schlaghecke
  2. Hugo Twigg
  3. B. Troeth
  4. R. McNaughton
  5. M. McNaughton
  6. H. Hyslop
  7. E. Jones
  8. M. Walker
  9. A. Oulton
  10. TBA
  11. TBA

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