Round Nine: The Teams

January 23, 2014 No Comments


Well, with the first game of the year completed, we now head into the home straight with a whole lot to play for.

The Ones, Thirds and Sixths can all still play finals. The Seconds are fighting to stay in the competition’s second highest grade and the Fourths, Fifths and Sevenths can finish the year with as many wins as possible.

The Sixths and Sevenths have not been selected because they will be playing a one-dayer next week. We will announce the teams then.

And don;t forget — get down to the club on Sunday to support our awesome Six-A-Side Day and raise money for the Jane McGrath Foundation!

Good luck boys!

Here are the Round Nine teams…

1st XI (5th) vs Le Page park (7th) at Elwood
Umpires: Kevin Mitchell & Harry Sherrard

  1. N. Harris
  2. A. Bulow
  3. A. Howard
  4. O. Persson
  5. M. Harris
  6. S. Murphy (wk)
  7. A.J Chawla (c)
  8. Chris Phillips
  9. Lachy Harris
  10. M. Clarke
  11. S. Hussein

2nd XI (10th) vs Washington park  2 (10th) at Packer Park [Melway 68 J8]:
Umpire: Rob Massey

  1. J. Belkin/A. Cosmas
  2. S. Dagher (wk)
  3. A. Green (c)
  4. L. Baillie
  5. G. Gilbert
  6. G. Phillips
  7. M. Bayer
  8. S. Speer
  9. D, Foote
  10. H. Persson
  11. J. Grigoriants

3rd XI (7th) vs East Bentleigh Central 1 (12th) at King George VI Reserve, Oval No.2 [Melway 77 K4]:
Umpire: David green

  1. K. Wetdewich (c)
  2. S. McPhee
  3. J. Crocker
  4. R. Campbell
  5. R. De Haan
  6. D. Szdylik
  7. L. Josey (wk)
  8. M. Rosendorff
  9. S. Leach
  10. N. Pitkin
  11. G. Thwaites

4th XI (8th) vs Mackie 3 (1st) at Elwood:

  1. N. Turner
  2. C. Wilcox
  3. D. Robertson
  4. P. Tsiampas
  5. I. Grundy (wk)
  6. L. Venn
  7. T. Balme
  8. L. Stanley
  9. H. Marshall
  10. J. Cougan
  11. D. May (c)

5th XI (10th) vs East Sandringham Boys Club 4 (3rd) at Peanut Farm Reserve [Melway 58 A11]:

  1. T. Rourke
  2. J. Norris (wk)
  3. J. Phillips
  4. C. Williams
  5. A. Fisher (c)
  6. J. Jordan
  7. L. Gachet
  8. M. Roberts
  9. J. Fisher
  10. T. King
  11. B. Picone

6th XI (5th) vs Highett West  3 (8th) at Peterson Street Reserve Oval No.2 [Melway 77 B8]:

****1pm start (It’s a One-Dayer!)***

  1. R. Yeatman (c)
  2. J. Yeatman (wk)
  3. A. Jones
  4. S. Marcolin
  5. P. Vargas
  6. Carey Lyon
  7. I. Hussain
  8. M. Cheema
  9. V. Ullah
  10. W. Latif
  11. D. May

7th XI (8th) vs Hampton United 4 (4th) at Elsternwick Park Oval No.4 [Melway 67 D5]

****1pm start (It’s a One-Dayer!)***

  1. J. Twigg (c)
  2. H. Twigg
  3. M. McNaughton
  4. R. McNaughton
  5. Don Hollick
  6. D. Hollick
  7. A. Oulton
  8. M. Wallace
  9. D. Wilsonson
  10. J. Ashton (club debut)
  11. E. Jones
  12. H. Hyslop

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