The Elwood Cricket Club Hall of Fame

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The Elwood Cricket Club Hall of Fame was officially launched at the 40th anniversary celebrations on Saturday February 23, 2013.

At a packed club rooms four people were announced as the inaugural inductees into the Hall of Fame and they were John Feehan, Ray Howard, Ben Fernando and Humphrey Hughes.

John Feehan
Inducted 2013

If any person epitomises Elwood it is John Feehan. He founded the club with his brother Gerry in 1972, collecting cans and recycling them to pay for equipment. He is the club’s record games and runs holder. He was named in our greatest ever team. Elwood’s Best Clubman award is named after him.

At different times throughout the club’s history he has been President, Secretary and Treasurer. He is a fixture on a Saturday afternoon at the club rooms, asking players from the Firsts to the Fifths how they went, adding to his already encyclopaedic knowledge of the club’s history and statistics. We are lucky to have him and his appointment as Elwood’s first ever Hall of Fame member was never in doubt.

Ray Howard
Inducted 2013

Few people have had the impact on Elwood as much as Ray Howard. “Stinger” was loved by all and loved this club more than any other. He was President from 1973 until 1985 and as sure as you would see Stinger in a Hawaiian shirt in a premiership photograph you would see him behind the bar handing out cold beers, advice and a joke.

Stinger loved Elwood. The players were his “boys”, and when he died he left money to the club to set up a fund so that Elwood’s junior programme had a nest egg. His ashes were scattered on Elwood’s main oval.

The club honours Ray by presenting each year the Ray Howard Medal — Elwood’s Brownlow. We now honour him by naming him the second person entered into Elwood’s Hall of Fame.

Ben Fernando
Inducted 2013

Upon reading Ben Fernando’s numbers for Elwood you are left wondering just how good was this man at cricket? He scored almost 6000 runs at an average of almost 30, he took 118 catches and claimed 279 wickets at just over 17. But it was not just the actual playing of the game of cricket that Ben left his mark.

People fortunate enough to know Ben talk about his kindness, his grace, his humour and his love of cricket and particularly the Elwood Cricket Club. It was these qualities that made him an outstanding captain and coach — not to mention a friend to all.

Like Ray Howard, his presence at the club made the club better, it was not merely just a place to play cricket. Ben is no longer with us and by naming him in our Hall of Fame we honour him in some small way the manner in which he contributed to this cricket club.

Humphrey Hughes
Inducted 2013

There is one record at the Elwood that will never be beaten — the 822 wickets that Humphrey Hughes claimed for Elwood during a golden career. Hughes is a legend in the CMCA and YCW. He is perhaps one of the most fearsome fast bowlers to have graced either competition. Hughes’s opening bowling partnership with Craig Hitchcock not only produced some of the most terrifying pace bowling seen in Elwood colours, but it also netted multiple premierships, including Elwood’s only Longmuir flag in 198/87.

The thing that stands out with Humphrey is not the sight of him bowling down-wind at Wattie Watson, or him apologising to batsmen after hitting them but it is humble and friendly nature — a gentleman of cricket — and a fitting addition to Elwood’s Hall of Fame.

Gerry Feehan
Inducted 2014

There is one name synonymous with the Elwood Cricket Club and that name is “Feehan” and it was only a matter of time before Gerry joined his brother John as being recognised in the pantheon of Elwood’s greats. Gerry was a fantastic cricketer. He took 489 wickets for the club, took 118 catches and scored 5974 runs with three centuries. Gerry played in 6 premierships, including Elwood’s inaugural flag and has been involved and supporting the club he helped create for over four decades. He is there, every Saturday afternoon, to watch the boys play, quick to talk up St Kilda’s chances of a flag to anyone who will listen and is even quicker with a joke.

His admission to the Hall of Fame was always a formality and deserves his recognition among the greatest to have played for Elwood.

Mick Doyle
Inducted 2014

Elwood have won only one Longmuir premiership — in 1986/87 — since the club was established in 1972. They are hard to win. Therefore we only have one Longmuir Premiership captain and that man is Mick Doyle. That achievement alone may be enough to be considered for entry into Elwood’s Hall of Fame but that would be doing a great disservice to Mick Doyle the cricketer. In his 259 games for Elwood, Mick scored 5414 runs at 23.54, including five centuries. He also took took 116 catches. Not only was Mick captain of that great Longmuir side, he also captained Elwood to a premiership in the Woolnough Shield the previous year — a total of five premierships were won by one of Elwood’s greatest captains.

Mick was also a Club Champion and Club Secretary. His achievements will be forever remembered and why Mick Doyle is a welcome addition to Elwood’s Hall of Fame.

John Schibli
Inducted 2015

As of 2015, only two people have played more than 400 games for the Elwood Cricket Club; John Feehan and John Schibli. But to measure John’s impact on the club in terms of just games is to do a great disservice to one of Elwood’s greatest people. John has played at the club since 1976, and been club Treasurer and Secretary in that time. He has also played in five premierships, and 12th man on numerous others, including our only Longmuir flag in 1986/87. John has been a sponsor of the club as well, but it is his love of the club and its people, and the universal respect in which he is held, which ensured that he is now a valued member of the Elwood Cricket Club’s most select group.

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