Round 2: The Teams

October 10, 2014 No Comments


Last Saturday night the club rroms were rocking as we celebrated four out of seven wins. It’s going to be a cracking weekend, weather-wise, so let’s back up last weekend’s efforts and get as many wins as possible!

Congratulations to Eitan and Avner Kooperman who make their club debuts in the Sixths. And to father/son combination Andy and Liam Dillon who make their club and senior debut respectively.

Good luck boys.

Go Woods.

***And remember, it’s a 1pm start across all grades!***

1st XI (5th) vs Le Page (2nd) at Elwood:
Umpires: Michael Aldred & Allan Logan

  1. N. Harris (c)
  2. S. Murphy
  3. A. Howard
  4. O. Persson
  5. M. Harris
  6. C. Lyon
  7. C. Phillips
  8. L. Baillie
  9. K. Dompietro (wk)
  10. M. Clarke
  11. S. Hussein

2nd XI (2nd) vs Le Page 2 (10th) at Le Page Park Oval No.2 (Argus St, Cheltenham)
Umpire: Robert Massey

  1. J. Greening
  2. S. Dagher (wk)
  3. A. Green
  4. A. Cosmas (c)
  5. Z. Leiser-Moore
  6. G. Kingi
  7. R. Harris
  8. M. Bayer
  9. J. Murphy
  10. J. Grigoriants
  11. H. Persson

3rd XI (5th) vs Hampton Central 2 (3rd) at Simpson Reserve (Fewster Rd, Hampton):

  1. K. Wetdewich (c)
  2. R. Earls
  3. L. Josey (wk)
  4. R. Campbell
  5. D. Szdylik
  6. J. Crocker
  7. M. Rosendorff
  8. J. Jordan
  9. S. Leach
  10. L. Venn
  11. G. Thwaites

4th XI (12th) vs Emerald Hill 2 (5th)  at Elwood:

  1. T. Rourke (c)
  2. C. Wilcox
  3. J. Phillips
  4. P. Tsiampas
  5. C. Williams
  6. Carey Lyon
  7. N. Turner
  8. D. Robertson
  9. I. Grundy (wk)
  10. D. Wood
  11. C. Bannister

5th XI (7th) vs  Carnegie South 3 (5th) at Lords Reserve Oval No.3 (Lyons St, Carnegie):

  1. H. Kohler
  2. J. Schibli
  3. W. Latif
  4. T. Balme
  5. A. Fisher
  6. J. Fisher
  7. D. May
  8. L. Stanley
  9. B. Picone
  10. M. Roberts
  11. J. Norris (wk)

6th XI (5th) vs Washington Park 5 (8th)  at Elsternwick Park Oval No.3:

  1. N. Pitkin (c)
  2. P. Marcolin
  3. S. Marcolin (wk)
  4. R. Yeatman
  5. M. Cheema
  6. D. Wilsonsen
  7. M. Wallace
  8. I. Hussein
  9. T. King
  10. A. Kooperman (club debut)
  11. E. Kooperman (club debut)

7th XI vs Brighton Union 4 at Elsternwick Park Oval No.4:

  1. J. Twigg (c)
  2. H. Twigg
  3. M. Smith (wk)
  4. D. Harrison-Smith
  5. E. Jones
  6. L. Dillon (senior debut)
  7. A. Dillon (club debut)
  8. S. Zaidi
  9. L. Schlaghecke
  10. O. Woods

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