Round 3: The Teams

October 17, 2014 No Comments


It’s Round 3 and the first of the two day games. The club has had an awesome start to the season with our Ones and Twos undefeated. But it’s only a start. Let’s continue the hard work, get to training and hang around at the club, support each other and more wins will come!

Congratulations to Matt Young, who makes his club debut in the Twos — good luck mate!

Also, this round is a strange one. The Fifths have a bye and the sevenths don’t play this weekend —  they play a one dayer next Saturday. This is due to SECA’s policy of playing one day matches in the lower grades during major horse racing events!

So, selections were tough this week to make sure everyone got a game. If you are not playing, get down to Elwood (or other grounds) and support the boys.

And remember, we’ve got our Halloween party next Saturday (October 25). So let’s get seven wins so the President has to shout the bar!

Good luck boys.

Go Woods.

***And remember, it’s a 1pm start for Longmuir and a 1.30pm for everyone else!***

1st XI (2nd) vs Bentleigh ANA (6th) at King George VI Reserve, Oval No.1 (Lahona Avenue, Bentleigh East):
Umpires: Geoff Patterson & Allan Logan

  1. N. Harris (c)
  2. A. Howard
  3. O. Persson
  4. M. Harris
  5. C. Lyon
  6. C. Phillips
  7. L. Baillie
  8. S. Murphy
  9. K. Dompietro (wk)
  10. S. Hussein
  11. M. Clarke/S. Clark

2nd XI (2nd) vs Cluden 1 (4th) at Elwood:
Umpire: Alan Jameson

  1. J. Greening
  2. S. Dagher (wk)
  3. M. Young (club debut)
  4. A. Cosmas (c)
  5. R. Harris
  6. A. Green
  7. G. Kingi
  8. M. Bayer
  9. J. Jordan
  10. J. Murphy
  11. H. Persson

3rd XI (4th) vs St Andrews Gardiner 1 (1st) at Elwood:

  1. C. Wilcox
  2. R. Earls
  3. L. Josey (wk)
  4. R. Campbell
  5. Z. Leiser-Moore
  6. K. Wetdewich (c)
  7. M. Rosendorff
  8. S. Leach
  9. N. Pitkin
  10. J. Grigoriants
  11. G. Thwaites

4th XI (11th) vs Hampton United 2 (12th) at Sillitoe Reserve (Lawson St, Hampton)

  1. T. Rourke (c)
  2. J. Phillips
  3. P. Tsiampas
  4. P. Reilly
  5. D. Robertson
  6. D. Wood
  7. N. Turner
  8. A. Dillon (wk)
  9. I. Hussein
  10. T. Balme
  11. B. Picone

5th XI have a BYE

6th XI (3rd) vs East Bentleigh Central 2 (6th)  at King George VI Reserve, Oval No.2 (Lahona Avenue, Bentleigh East):
Umpire: Herman Mennerich

  1. S. Marcolin (wk)
  2. R. Yeatman
  3. W. Latif
  4. P. Marcolin
  5. J. Norris
  6. A. Fisher
  7. J. Fisher
  8. M. Roberts
  9. M. Wallace
  10. D. Wilsonsen
  11. T. King

7th XI (5th) vs Hampton United 3 (7th) at Destructor Site (aka Spring St Reserve) (Spring St, Sandringham):


  1. J. Twigg (c)
  2. H. Twigg
  3. M. Smith (wk)
  4. D. Harrison-Smith
  5. E. Jones
  6. M. McNaughton
  7. L. Schlagecke
  8. O. Woods
  9. S. Zaidi
  10. M. Cheema
  11. L. Oliphant

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