Round 4: The Teams & Sammy Dagher’s 100th game!

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It’s Round 4 and not only is it a strange round in terms of fixturing, this round we also celebrate the 100th senior game for Elwood for one Simon “Sammy” Dagher.

This round, only the Firsts, Seconds and Thirds are playing two-day cricket. The fourths are playing a one dayer this Saturday, and the Fifths, Sixths and Sevenths are playing a one dayer next Saturday — and we will be selecting those teams next week! So to the boys who are not playing this weekend, our advice is to try and support the lads that are playing: if you haven’t watched the Firsts play before, go to Victory Park and support them, or come to the club and watch the Twos and Threes! Or the Peanut Farm and watch the Fours.

Anyway, firstly, congratulations to Matty Young who, after scoring a match-winning knock of 47 not out last week in the Twos, is playing his first game Longmuir game this round. Good luck Matty! And congratulations also to a young gun in Howie Persson, who also makes his Longmuir debut this week, joining his brother Oscar in the Ones. Congratulations Howie! And good luck to Andrew “Tonks” Tonkin who makes his club debut in the Twos — good luck, Tonks!

And now to Sammy. Simon “Sammy” Dagher plays his 100th game for the club this weekend. Tough as nails (he keeps without pads!) and as friendly a person you will find at Elwood, we wish Sammy all the best on his milestone match. A wonderful club man, Sammy joins an elite list of players who have played 100 senior games for Elwood. Buy him a coca-cola or a dimmy, he deserves it! Well done, Sammy!

Good luck boys.

Go Woods.

1st XI (5th) vs West Bentleigh (2nd) at Victory Park Oval No.1 (Patterson Rd, Bentleigh)::
Umpires: Craig Hough & Peter Stevens

  1. N. Harris (c)
  2. A. Howard
  3. S. Clark
  4. O. Persson
  5. M. Harris
  6. C. Lyon
  7. C. Phillips
  8. M. Young (Longmuir debut)
  9. A. Green
  10. K. Dompietro (wk)
  11. H. Persson (Longmuir debut)

2nd XI (2nd) vs Chadstone Harlequins 1 (5th) at Elwood:
Umpire: Gary March

  1. J. Greening
  2. S. Dagher (wk) (100th game)
  3. A. Tonkin (club debut)
  4. L. Baillie
  5. A. Cosmas (c)
  6. Z. Leiser-Moore
  7. G. Kingi
  8. M. Bayer
  9. S. McPhee
  10. J. Murphy
  11. J. Grigoriants

3rd XI (6th) vs Shamrock 1 (10th) at Elwood:
Umpire: Basil Hendrikse

  1. R. Earls
  2. L. Josey (wk)
  3. D. Szydlik
  4. R. Campbell
  5. K. Wetdewich (c)
  6. M. Rosendorff
  7. D. Wood
  8. S. Leach
  9. N. Pitkin
  10. L. Venn
  11. G. Thwaites

4th XI (8th) vs Highett West 2 (3rd) at Peanut Farm (Chaucer St, St Kilda):

***1pm start! It’s a one dayer!***

  1. T. Rourke (c)
  2. P. Tsiampas
  3. P. Reilly
  4. D. Robertson
  5. Lachy Harris
  6. N. Turner
  7. A. Dillon (wk)
  8. C. Williams
  9. H. Kohler
  10. L. Stanley
  11. B. Picone

The following games are a one-dayer this Saturday, 8 November. All games start at 1pm!

5th XI (7th) vs Kingston Heath 4 (4th) at Peanut Farm (Chaucer St, St Kilda):

  1. A. Parkinson
  2. A. Eccles (club debut)
  3. C. Wilcox (c)
  4. J. Phillips
  5. W. Latif
  6. I. Grundy (wk)
  7. J. Norris
  8. D. Wilsonsen
  9. T. Balme
  10. M. Roberts
  11. D. Foote

6th XI (5th) vs Brighton District 2 (2nd) at Elsternwick Park Oval No.3:

  1. S. Kingi
  2. R. Yeatman (c)
  3. E. Jones (wk)
  4. J. Schibli
  5. M. Doyle
  6. TBA
  7. L. Oliphant
  8. A. Oulton
  9. J. Fisher
  10. W. Jones
  11. T. King

7th XI (6th) vs Bentleigh Uniting 6 (7th) at Duncan McKinnon – South (Murrumbeena Road, Murrumbeena):

  1. M. Smith (wk) (c)
  2. D. Harrison-Smith
  3. H. Twigg
  4. P. Twigg
  5. M. McNaughton
  6. R. McNaughton
  7. O. Woods
  8. C. Hicks
  9. C. McQuilkin-Feehan
  10. L. Townsing
  11. A. Burney

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