2015 Six-A-Side Day: Pink It Up Again, this Sunday!

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Here are the details for Sunday, 25 January:

  • Start time: 12pm for a 12.30pm start. The fixtures are below.
  • Cost: $200 per team (players get a free feed). No cost for spectators.
  • Bars: We will be operating two bars — one in the club rooms and the Garden Ale Bar, positioned between the main bar and the back ground.

The Teams:

There will be a $200 bar tab for the best dressed team (as judged by the committee). We are open to bribes.

The top two teams in each group progress to the semi finals held on the main ground.

Fixtures for Sunday’s Six-a-Side:

Wattie Watson Oval Group

  • The Nomads
  • Village Belle
  • Men at Work

The Back Oval Group

  • The Ex’s
  • Sons of Turner
  • The Kelly Gang
  • Duck Dynasty

Wattie Watson Oval Group

  • Game 1 (12.30pm) HARRIS vs The Nomads
  • Game 2 (1.15pm) Men at Work vs Village Belle
  • Game 3 (2.00pm) HARRIS vs Village Belle
  • Game 4 (2.45pm) The Nomads vs Men at Work
  • Game 5 (3.30pm) Village Belle vs The Nomads
  • Game 6 (4.15pm) Men at Work vs HARRIS

Group 2 (Back Oval):

  • Game 1 (12.30pm) The Ex’s vs The Kelly Gang
  • Game 2 (1.15pm) Duck Dynasty vs Sons of Turner
  • Game 3 (2.00pm) The Ex’s vs Duck Dynasty
  • Game 4 (2.45pm) The Kelly Gang vs Sons of Turner
  • Game 5 (3.30pm) Duck Dynasty vs The Kelly Gang
  • Game 6 (4.15pm) Sons of Turner vs The Ex’s

Finals (all games played on Wattie Watson Oval)

  • Semi Final 1: 5.00pm
  • Semi Final 2: 5.45pm
  • Grand Final 6.30pm

Fixture (by teams)

Wattie Watson Oval Group

The Nomads

  • 12.30pm vs HARRIS
  • 2.45pm vs Men at Work
  • 3.30pm vs Village Belle


  • 12.30pm vs The Nomads
  • 2.00pm vs Village Belle
  • 4.15pm Men at Work

Village Belle

  • 1.15pm vs Men at Work
  • 2.00pm vs vs HARRIS
  • 3.30pm vs vs The Nomads

Men at Work

  • 1.15pm vs Village Belle
  • 2.45pm vs The Nomads
  • 4.15pm vs HARRIS

The Back Oval Group

Sons of Turner

  • 1.15pm vs Duck Dynasty
  • 2.45pm vs The Kelly Gang
  • 4.15pm vs The Ex’s

The Kelly Gang

  • 12.30pm vs The Ex’s
  • 2.45pm vs Sons of Turner
  • 3.30pm vs Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty

  • 1.15pm vs Sons of Turner
  • 2.00pm vs The Ex’s
  • 3.30pm vs The Kelly Gang

The Ex’s

  • 12.30pm vs The Kelly Gang
  • 2.00pm vs Duck Dynasty
  • 4.45pm vs Sons of Turner

And finally, back by popular demand — a form guide for all eight teams:



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