Senior Presentation: The Winners

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On Saturday night, April 18th, at the Village Belle Hotel, Adam Howard was crowned with his second Charles A Norris Club Champion Award in as many years. Howie was a deserved winner, after having a spectacular season where he scored 375 runs and took 40 wickets in the Longmuir Shield and was named as the competition’s best player as well.

Club Vice President Leigh Josey won his second John Feehan Best Clubman Award.

A full list of winners can be seen below.

Major Club Awards

The Charles A Norris Club Champion: Adam Howard

The John Feehan Best Clubman Award: Leigh Josey

The Ben Fernando Encouragement Award: James Fisher

The Humphrey Hughes Most Accurate Bowler: Greg Thwaites (14 wickets bowled)

Most improved: Tom Balme

Coach’s Award: Ryan Harris

The Ray Howard Medal: Adam Howard

Team Awards

Elwood 1st X1 (Longmuir Shield)

Batting Award: Adam Howard 375 runs @ 46.88

Bowling Award: Adam Howard 40 wickets @ 7.95

Fielding Award: Matthew Harris

Elwood 2nd XI (Woolnough Shield)

Batting Award: Ryan Harris 215 runs @ 35.83

Bowling Award: Jamie Jordan 22 wickets @ 12.23

Fielding Award: Ryan Harris

Elwood 3rd XI (D GRADE)

Batting Award: Leigh Josey 312 runs @ 26.00

Bowling Award: Greg Thwaites 30 wickets @ 12.57

Fielding Award: Leigh Josey

Elwood 4th XI (F GRADE)

Batting Award: Patrick Reilly 288 runs @ 48.00

Bowling Award: Nathan Turner 24 wickets @ 17.42

Fielding Award: David Robertson

Elwood 5th XI (G Grade)

Batting Award: Wasif Latif 109 runs @ 18.17

Bowling Award: James Fisher 6 wickets @ 22.00

Fielding Award: Sam Marcolin

Elwood 6th XI (H Grade)

Batting Award: Rick Yeatman 114 runs @ 14.25

Bowling Award: Tony King 17 wickets 18.00

Fielding Award: John Schibli

7th XI (J Grade)

Batting Award: Hugo Twigg 311 runs @ 51.83

Bowling Award: Hugo Twigg 14 wickets @ 14.29

Fielding Award: Elliot Jones

Best Finals Player: Ollie Woods

Other Awards:


Batting: Adam Howard 105 runs @ 52.50
Bowling: Matty Young 5 wickets @ 18.20


  • Hugo Twigg 100 vs Kingston Heath 5 (J Grade)
  • Peter Tsiampas 111 vs Oakleigh District Footballers (F Grade)
  • Ryan Harris 119* vs Cheltenham Park 1 (Woolnough Shield)
  • Pat Reilly 137 vs East Oakleigh 2 (F Grade)

Seven wickets in a match:

  • Nathan Turner 8/14 vs Hampton United 2 (F Grade, 18 October 2014)
  • Iqrar Hussein 8/28 vs Chelsea Heights-Aspendale Gardens 3 (F Grade, 15 November 2014)
  • Adam Howard 8/39 vs Carnegie South (Longmuir Shield, 7 February 2015)
  • Chris Williams 7/60 vs Carnegie South 3 (G Grade, 20 December 2014)

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