Round 1: The Teams (and Anesti “Cosi” Cosmas’ 400th game!)

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It’s the first game of the season. The bats are oiled. The whites are pressed. Summer is here.

The start of the season is always exciting and to kick off the year we have exciting news everywhere.

Firstly, Anesti Cosmas plays his 400th game for the club, joining Elwood immortals John Feehan and John Schibli as the only players to achieve this feat. Cosi will likely be the last player to achieve this as we no longer play Sunday cricket, so it is an achievement worth celebrating. Also this week, Adam Green plays his 150th and David Robertson plays his 50th. Well done boys!

Secondly, to celebrate the start of the season and Cosi’s 400th, we have the $1000 Draw at the club on Saturday night after the match. $30 entry, 2 hours of free beer and food, and the chance to win $1000. Not a better way to kick off summer. You can your tickets at the club at the bar on the night.

Thirdly, congratulations to all of our senior captains for the 2015/16 season: Nathan Harris (1sts), Adam Green (2nds), Ray Earls (3rds), Adrian Fisher (4ths), Luke Stanley (5ths) and Tony King (6ths). The club is in great hands. And a special mention to outgoing 2nd and 3rd XI skippers, Anesti Cosmas and Kevin Wetdewich, both of whom captained for five years and hand over the reigns with the club stronger and both of them premiership captains. Well done boys.

And lastly, we make a warm Elwood welcome to a new player for this season, all the way from England via Sri Lanka, Chanaka “Chana” Ruwansiri. Welcome mate, and we know you will enjoy your first ever Aussie summer playing cricket for Elwood!

Good luck to everyone tomorrow. Remember, it’s a one-dayer and starts earlier — 1pm START!

Go Elwood.

1st XI vs. Chelsea Heights/Aspendale Gardens 1 at Beazley Reserve (off Thames Promenade, Chelsea Heights):
Umpires: Steve Bott & Greg Cole

  1. S. Clark (wk)
  2. R. Harris
  3. C. Ruwansiri (Club & Longmuir debut)
  4. A. Howard
  5. M. Young
  6. N. Harris (c)
  7.  S. Tee
  8. D. Bulcock
  9. R. De Haan
  10. H. Persson
  11. J. Murphy

2nd XI vs Chelsea Heights/Aspendale Gardens 2 at Elwood:
Umpire: Karl Treasure

  1. L. Baillie (wk)
  2. A. Tonkin
  3. A. Green (c)
  4. C. Phillips
  5. A. Cosmas
  6. G. Kingi
  7. K. Wetdewich
  8. M. Bayer
  9. S. Hussein
  10. J. Jordan
  11. T. Balme

3rd XI vs Bentleigh Uniting 3 at Elwood:

  1. J. Greening
  2. M. McNaughton
  3. L. Josey (wk)
  4. R. Earls (c)
  5. M. Rosendorff
  6. N. Turner
  7. C. Wilcox
  8. D. Szydlik
  9. D. Wood
  10. L. Venn
  11. N. Pitkin

4th XI vs Hampton Central 3 at Elsternwick 3:

  1. T. Rourke
  2. A. Parkinson
  3. H. Twigg
  4. R. Campbell
  5. S. Dagher (wk)
  6. J. Crocker
  7. D. Robertson
  8. A. Fisher (c)
  9. J. Fisher
  10. B. Picone
  11. D. Clothier (club debut)

5th XI vs St Andrews Gardiner 2 (6th) at Peanut Farm:

  1. S. Marcolin (wk)
  2. M. Walker
  3. P. Tsiampas
  4. C. Lyon
  5. O. Woods
  6. D. Wilsonsen
  7. J. Norris
  8. L. Stanley (c)
  9. E. Jones
  10. B. Troeth
  11. P. Marcolin

6th XI vs Brighton Districts 2 (2nd) at Balcombe Park Reserve (Balcombe Road, Beaumaris):

  1. C. McQuilkan-Feehan
  2. M. Wallis
  3. J. Schibli
  4. J. Phillips
  5. A. Chambers
  6. M. Khan
  7. J. Twigg
  8. G. Elliot
  9. T. King (c)
  10. A. Oulton
  11. P. Twigg


  1. M. Harris
  2. L. Harris
  3. G. Thwaites
  4. K. DOmpietro
  5. O. Persson
  6. C. Williams
  7. H. Emerson
  8. S. Murphy
  9. M. Clarke
  10. J. Spiropoulos
  11. J. Bourse
  12. J. Leftovic
  13. C. Hicks
  14. A. Burney
  15. Z. Leiser-Moore

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