Round 3: The Teams (& even more milestones this round!)

October 30, 2015 No Comments


Morning all Elwood players & supporters,

It’s Round 3 and with a few players back from last round, the teams are really starting to look stronger.

Let’s all take a leaf out of the Firsts book who remain undefeated after two rounds and play some really good, team-orientated cricket and get as many wins as possible this round.

Congratulations to Kristian Dompietro, Julian Greening and Greg Thwaites who all play their 50th game for the club this round. Well done boys!

And congratulations to Nick Fernie who makes his club debut this round.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow. Remember, the 6ths are not playing this week, they are playing a One Dayer next week. We will announce the teams before next Saturday’s match.

Go Elwood.

1st XI (2nd) vs. Brighton Union 1 (9th) at Hurlingham Park Oval No.1 (Nepean Hwy, Brighton East)
Umpires: Anthony Cribbes & Andy Collison

  1. S. Clark (wk)
  2. R. Harris
  3. C. Ruwansiri
  4. A. Howard
  5. M. Young
  6. N. Harris (c)
  7.  M. Harris
  8. K. Dompietro (50th game)
  9. R. De Haan
  10. D. Bulcock
  11. J. Murphy

2nd XI (6th) vs Chadstone Harlequins 1 (8th) at Elwood:
Umpire: Daryl Cox

  1. S. Dagher (wk)
  2. A. Green (c)
  3. A. Cosmas
  4. A. Tonkin
  5. L. Harris
  6. M. Rosendorff
  7. C. Phillips
  8. H. Persson
  9. D. Szydlik
  10. M. Bayer
  11. T. Balme

3rd XI (11th) vs Mackie 3 (8th) at Bailey Reserve (East Boundary Rd, East Bentleigh)

  1. M. McNaughton
  2. R. Earls (c)
  3. J. Greening (50th game)
  4. P. Tsiampas
  5. H. Twigg
  6. L. Josey (wk)
  7. N. Turner
  8. Z. Leiser-Moore
  9. C. Wilcox
  10. B. Picone
  11. G. Thwaites (50th game)

4th XI (3rd) vs Carnegie South 3 (12th) at Elwood:

  1. A. Parkinson
  2. T. Rourke
  3. D. Robertson
  4. M. Walker
  5. D. Wood
  6. R. Campbell
  7. L. Venn
  8. A. Dillon (wk)
  9. A. Fisher (c)
  10. J. Fisher
  11. N. Pitkin

5th XI (7th) vs Kingston Heath 4 (6th) at Peanut Farm:

  1. J. Phillips
  2. E. Jones (wk)
  3. G. Elliott
  4. O. Woods
  5. J. Norris
  6. C. Lyon
  7. L. Stanley (c)
  8. N. Fernie (club debut)
  9. J. Caust
  10. J. Schibli
  11. C. McQuilkan-Feehan

6th XI (11th) vs Chelsea Heights/Aspendale Gardens 4 (7th) at Memorial Oval (Edithvale Common) (off Edithvale Rd, Edithvale):

  1. T. King (c)
  2. M. Wallace
  3. A. Chambers
  4. A. Burney
  5. J. Grollo
  6. S. Marcolin (wk)
  7. J. Weinbach
  8. O. Redfurn
  9. J. Leftovic
  10. A. Oulton
  11. Dave May


  1. S. Tee
  2. L. Baillie
  3. J. Jordan
  4. G. Kingi
  5. S. Hussein
  6. K. Wetdewich
  7. D. Clothier
  8. P. Marcolin
  9. J. Crocker
  10. M. Wallace
  11. D. Wilsonsen
  12. B. Troeth
  13. J. Twigg
  14. H. Emerson
  15. J. Weinbach
  16. O. Persson
  17. C. Williams
  18. H. Emerson
  19. S. Murphy
  20. M. Clarke
  21. J. Spiropoulos
  22. C. Hicks
  23. A. Burney

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