Meet a Sponsor: Gary Scott, Branch Manager at Bendigo Bank Elwood

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 Gary-Scott2This round is Bendigo Bank Round. And to celebrate we talk to Gary Scott, the Branch Manager for Bendigo Bank Elwood. Bendigo Bank is the cricket club’s longest erving sponsor and a wonderful supporter of the club. We caught up with Gary and asked him a few questions…

Q: So firstly Gary, are you a cricket fan? Ever wore the whites? And if so, who did you play for?
A: Many years ago with Cheltenham. They called us “F troop” and we played on matting in Cheltenham Park.

Q: Good to hear! And for those that do not know, where is the Bendigo Bank in Elwood?
A: We are at 142 Ormond Road. It’s just near Combi Coffee and Jimmi Jamz.

Q: How long has the Bendigo Bank been on Ormond Road in Elwood?
A: We opened in 1999.

Q: And how long have you been at Bendigo Bank?
A: Over 10 years now.

Q: Elwood has changed a lot since the Bendigo Bank started in Elwood. What are some of the big changes you have noticed?
A: Probably the property developments that are everywhere and the parking difficulties in Ormond Rd.

Q: Bendigo Bank Elwood is heavily involved in the community and sponsors a lot of organisations. Do you get a lot of satisfaction in being so involved in the Elwood community?
A: It’s fantastic to think that just by people doing their banking with us that this enables us to help and sponsor local groups

Q: So if we win a premiership this year we will expect to see you at the party?
A: Big call! You need to get over East Sandy first. I reckon I’ll help you celebrate if you win the holy grail!

Q: I’ll hold you to that. So back to the bank, tell us about the big development that is happening with the bank and the new community centre.
A: Luckily we bought our building recently and have a Community Room at the back that can be used by locals for meetings, gatherings, etc. Unfortunately it isn’t able to be used until the construction at the former RSL site is complete, which is about a year or so.

Q: And to talk shop, can you give the cricket club some idea of the services you guys offer?
A: We do the lot – here goes:

Personal Banking: Home Loans, Personal Loans, Credit Cards, Financial Planning, Superannuation accounts, Phone & Internet banking, everyday accounts, term deposits, children & student accounts

Business Banking: Business products, credit cards, merchant facilities, business lending, club accounts, income protection, equipment finance, overdrafts etc.

Insurances: Car, home & contents, loan sure, landlords, health cover, caravan, motorcycle, boat & travel

Q: Excellent. And do you have any discounts for being President?
A: All the fabulous discounts go the members of Elwood Cricket Club first and any leftover can be negotiated with the Pres!

Q: I can live with that. And, if players or parents want to come in and start an account, or enquire about a loan, what do they need to do?
A: Call in, phone us on 9525 6577 or email Happy to discuss any financial matters at any time and we’d love your support.

Q: And finally, what is better: a 100 runs or a five wicket haul?
A: I will sit on the fence as both great efforts. When playing in Perth a fiver is better given nearly everyone made a ton!

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