Meet a Sponsor: John Schibli, Managing Director at Premium Sport Tours

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John Schibli This round is Premium Sport Tours Round. And to celebrate we talk to John Schibli, Elwood Cricket Club great and Managing Director of Premium Sport Tours. We caught up with John and asked him a few questions…

Q: So firstly John. You are an Elwood Cricket Club legend, a Hall of Fame member and played more than 400 games for the club: how on earth are you still playing cricket?
A: No idea. Too old, lousy eyesight, no reflexes – but you guys keep me young.

Q: Whose the best cricketer you have seen play at Elwood?
A: Gerry Russell with the bat; Humphrey Hughes with the ball; Craig Hitchcock as an all rounder.

Q: Now tell us a little about what Premium Sport Tours does?
A: We organise complete sport tour packages to any sport, anywhere in the world!

Q: And how long have you been doing this awesome job for?
A: Nearly 20 years

Q: What is the best sporting event you have gone to with Premium Sport Tours?
A: The FIFA World Cups, in both South Africa and Brazil.

Q: What’s on the itinerary for next year?
A: We are going to Sri Lanka for the Test cricket series against Australia in July and August next year.

Q: Funny you mentioned that (Sri Lanka)! It looks like we are going to organise an Elwood contingent to go to that and possibly play some games there as well. Tell us about that and how do we find out more information?
A: You can find out about the tour here on our website. We are also looking to organise Elwood people to play against local Sri Lankan sides. If you want to enquire about the tour or to join the Elwood group who will play some matches, please talk to me!

Q: Sounds like an awesome tour! I have heard you got Adam Green into the Members at Lords one year and took Nathan and Matt Harris to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Why on earth would you get Adam Green into the members at Lords?
A: It was actually the Players’ Pavilion at Lords with all the former players, and he sat there drinking mojitos all afternoon – and he still owes me.

Q: And, If anyone wants to find out about any of your tours how do they go about it?
A: Call, email, text me: My mobile is 0419 884 672,my office number is (03) 9530 6555 and my email is

Q: And finally, what is better: a 100 runs or a five wicket haul?
A: Only done the first once and never the second – so I’ll take the 5 for.

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