Garden Ale Round: Round 7 Teams

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Morning all Elwood players & supporters,

Firstly, happy new year to everyone at the cricket club.

It’s a new year, and the campaign to make as many senior finals as possible starts on Saturday. We can still make finals across the top 5 senior grades and we have strong sides everywhere this week. The Sixths, due to a fixture anomaly, are playing on Sunday at the Peanut Farm. All the games are one dayers and start at 1pm.

Secondly, this round is Garden Ale Round. Garden Ale is the official beer of the cricket club and a partnership the club values highly. Rich and Pete Ostroff, the brothers behind Carlisle Street Brewing and the makers of Garden Ale are strong supporters oft he club and we caught up with the boys this week and you can read the interview below.

Thirdly, congratulations to our Stuey Clark who takes over as captain of our First Xi for the next two games as Nathan Harris enjoys a well earned break in the USA with his his wonderful partner Natalie.

Let’s start 2016 with a bang and get six wins across the board boys!

Good luck everyone!

1st XI (4th) vs. Carnegie South 1 (8th) at Lords Reserve Oval No.2 (Lyons St, Carnegie):
Umpires: Steve Laffan & Michael Moss

  1. S. Clark (wk) (c)
  2. R. Harris
  3. A. Howard
  4. M. Young
  5.  M. Harris
  6. C. Phillips
  7. S. Tee
  8. R. De Haan
  9. D. Bulcock
  10. M. Bayer
  11. J. Murphy

2nd XI (7th) vs Moorabbin West 1 (2nd) at Elwood:
Umpire: Gary Horton

  1. L. Harris
  2. A. Green (c)
  3. A. Cosmas
  4. H. Persson
  5. L. Baillie (wk)
  6. M. Rosendorff
  7. G. Kingi
  8. K. Wetdewich
  9. J. Jordan
  10. S. Hussein
  11. T. Balme

3rd XI (7th) vs East Sandringham Boys Club 3 (9th) at Elwood:

  1. R. Earls (c)
  2. S. Dagher (wk)
  3. P. Tsiampas
  4. L. Josey (wk)
  5. D. Szydlik
  6. Z. Leiser-Moore
  7. R. Campbell
  8. N. Fernie
  9. M. Clarke
  10. N. Turner
  11. G. Thwaites

4th XI (6th) vs East Sandringham Boys Club 4 (5th) at Sandringham Sec Coll (Sand Campus) – West (Holloway Rd, Sandringham):

  1. T. Rourke
  2. H. Twigg
  3. D. Robertson
  4. G. Phillips
  5. M. Walker
  6. D. Wood
  7. A. Dillon (wk)
  8. H. Marshall
  9. L. Venn
  10. C. Wilcox
  11. A. Fisher (c)

5th XI (5th) vs Hampton United 2  (10th) at Peanut Farm:

  1. A. Parkinson
  2. J. Greening
  3. J. Phillips
  4. H. Emerson
  5. J. Schibli
  6. J. Norris (wk)
  7. J. Belkin
  8. L. Stanley (c)
  9. O. Woods
  10. B. Picone
  11. D. May

SUNDAY GAME! 6th XI (12th) vs Melbourne Hellenic 2 (11th) at Peanut Farm:

  1. C. McQuilin-Feehan
  2. R. Yeatman
  3. E. Yeatman
  4. J. Caust
  5. J. Leftovic
  6. S. Marcolon (wk)
  7. E. Jones
  8. A. Chambers
  9. T. King (c)
  10. TBA
  11. TBA


  1. C. Ruwansiri
  2. N. Harris
  3. K. Dompietro
  4. A. Tonkin
  5. O. Persson
  6. D. Clothier
  7. J. Fisher
  8. P. Marcolin
  9. O. Woods
  10. D. Wilsonsen
  11. J. Crocker
  12. G. Elliott
  13. W. Latif
  14. B. Troeth
  15. M. Wallace
  16. C. Williams
  17. J. Spiropoulos
  18. C. Hicks

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