Boutique Round: Round 11: The Teams & Ryan Harris’s 100th game

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Good afternoon all Elwood players & supporters,

It’s the last round of the home and away season, and let’s finish the season with as many wins as possible!

This Round is also named in honour of a new sponsor to the club this season, Boutique Financial Services. It’s wonderful to have the support of Boutique, through Adrian Fisher’s much better half Jana Fisher. Boutique are a local finance specialist. Accredited with over 45 finance providers, including the major banks, credit unions, regional and 2nd tier banks, private and specialty lenders, they can help you find a solution for all your finance needs, So if you in the market for a Home Loan, Investment Loan, Business Loan, Car loan or Commercial loan, consider using the services of Boutique Financial Solutions and talk to Jana.

And following from his older brother Nathan’s 150th game last week, this round is also the 100th milestone game of Ryan Harris. It’s a wonderful achievement by Ryan, a premiership player for the club and a great Elwood person, who joins Nathan and his oldest brother Mathew as members of the 100 game club. Well done mate!

And remember to get to the club next Saturday night for what will be one of the greatest Ray “Stinger” Howard medal count in many years. Cheap drinks and food will be available and it will be a great way to end the home and away season.

Good luck everyone!

Go Elwood.

1st XI (6th) vs. West Bentleigh (2nd) at Victory Park Oval No.1 (Patterson Rd, Bentleigh):
Umpires: Steven Laffan & Harry Stamos

  1. N. Harris (c)
  2. A. Howard
  3. M. Harris
  4. S. Tee
  5. H. Persson
  6. M. Rosendorff
  7. L. Baillie (wk)
  8. R. De Haan
  9. D. Bulcock
  10. M. Bayer
  11. T. Balme

2nd XI (10th) vs Melbourne Wanderes 1 (7th) at Elwood:
Umpire: Craig Ragland

  1. C. Phillips
  2. R. Harris
  3. A. Cosmas
  4. J. Greening
  5. M. Walker
  6. J. Jordan
  7. A. Green (c)
  8. D. Szydlik
  9. S. Dagher
  10. J. Murphy
  11. R. Campbell

3rd XI (10th) vs Hampton United 1 (6th) at Elwood:

  1. R. Earls (c)
  2. H. Twigg
  3. P. Tsiampas
  4. L. Josey (wk)
  5. Z. Leiser-Moore
  6. N. Turner
  7. J. Norris
  8. E. Jones
  9. N. Fernie
  10. J. Fisher
  11. O. Woods

4th XI (4th) vs Bentleigh ANA 3 (12th) at Bentleigh Secondary College (Margaretta St, East Bentleigh)

  1. T. Rourke
  2. J. Phillips
  3. M. McNaughton
  4. A. Parkinson
  5. D. Robertson
  6. C. Wilcox
  7. L. Venn
  8. A. Dillon (wk)
  9. H. Marshall
  10. A. Fisher (c)
  11. N. Pitkin

5th XI (8th) vs Le Page Park 3 (1st) at Highett Reserve Oval No.3 (synthetic) (Turner Road, Highett)

  1. S. Marcolin (wk)
  2. T. King
  3. J. Yeatman
  4. A. Chambers
  5. L. Stanley (c)
  6. J. Caust
  7. J. Leftovic
  8. C. Lyon
  9. J. Grollo
  10. J. Weinbach
  11. A. Burney

6th XI (12th) vs Le Page Park 4



  1. S. Clark (wk)
  2. K. Dompietro
  3. M. Young
  4. M. Clarke
  5. C. Ruwansiri
  6. L. Harris
  7. K. Wetdewich
  8. S. Hussein
  9. A. Tonkin
  10. O. Persson
  11. H. Emerson
  12. G. Kingi
  13. J. Belkin
  14. C. Williams
  15. S. Murphy
  16. D. Clothier
  17. G. Thwaites
  18. D. Wilsonsen
  19. G. Phillips
  20. D. May
  21. P. Marcolin
  22. T. Blaser
  23. E. Yeatman
  24. J. Schibli
  25. D. Wood
  26. P. Vargas
  27. J. Crocker
  28. G. Elliott
  29. E. O’Mahony
  30. W. Latif
  31. B. Troeth
  32. J. Spiropoulos
  33. C. Hicks
  34. B. Andrews
  35. O. Redfern
  36. A. Oulton
  37. M. Marcolin
  38. M. Wallace
  39. P. Twigg
  40. L. Dillon
  41. P. Reilly
  42. R. Yeatman

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