Message from the President: Leigh Josey

May 27, 2016 No Comments

Good morning to all our players, sponsors and supporters,

On Wednesday night at the Village Belle Hotel, the Elwood Cricket Club held our AGM.

Firstly, I was re-elected as Club President and I thank the club for giving me the opportunity to be President for a second year – as it is an honour to lead this terrific club and all its wonderful people.

I would like to also congratulate the re-appointments of Luke Stanley as Vice-President and Marcus Bayer as Treasurer, and to congratulate Sam Marcolin on becoming the new club Secretary. Well done Soapy!

On that, I would like to also congratulate Lindy Adamson who has been Secretary for the Club for the past five seasons. It’s a mammoth effort to hold such an important position for so long and Lindy will remain on the committee helping Sam with the transition this year. I would also like to congratulate Kevin Wetdewich, who is stepping down from the committee after 13 consecutive years as he set to become a first-time dad in July. An unbelievable clubman and warrior for Elwood for a long time, the club says thank you, mate.

I spoke about the performance last season of the club at the AGM and we didn’t perform as we would have liked across a lot of areas. Things are well set in motion to address this. And now we look forwards, not backwards.

For our seniors, Adam Howard will again be Club Coach, but we will be implementing new strategies to maximise our coaching and development, whilst allowing our best players to be given every chance to perform at their highest level.

We will be looking to implement a new coaching structure which will need more help from our entire playing group. We will also be looking to implement “masterclass” coaching from within, as we focus on individual technique and development. Everybody who can, helps. We will look continue to look to attract new players to the club.

The biggest thing for our seniors is that this season we need everybody to commit. We had almost 110 players play seniors last year, a phenomenally huge number, but we lacked the team cohesiveness required for success. We will be addressing the commitment required this year for our seniors.

For our juniors, the major change is the creation of a junior committee for the first time in the club’s history. It will be fully supported by the senior committee who will continue to do the heavy listing, with the junior committee focused on the organisation and communication of our junior programme, with a combined effort to dramatically raise the level of coaching and development for our kids.

We require immense more input and support from our seniors to our juniors and we will be looking at ways for our seniors to be actively involved in the coaching and development of our junior players.

Off the field, success is paramount to producing a positive bottom line but we will continue to plan as though success is the cream, not the cake.

We need more help from non-committee members and will be implementing a roster system this season to help with the bar, functions and junior training.

Ideally, the club does not want to put up prices for subs and for our canteen products, but we can’t ignore this option if we don’t get help and support we need.

An increase in sponsorship revenue, thanks largely to the hard work of Adrian Fisher, was a major positive last season, and we will continue to look to strengthen our engagement with the local community through strategic partnerships.

Finally, none of the above works if we don’t all buy in.

The strengths of friendships and our junior players are our club’s greatest assets. But our seniors will not compete for premierships, and our juniors will not become the cricketers they deserve to be, unless every single person at our club buys in and helps achieve the enormous potential this great club has.

I look forward to the season ahead and what we can achieve.

Leigh Josey

President, Elwood Cricket Club

0425 257 248

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