Pay your Senior subs now! (and read on how to get them for free!)

August 16, 2016 No Comments

Good afternoon Elwood players and supporters,

As has been proven across many sports and at various levels, one of the key ingredients for on field success, is having a club that is financially strong, with loyal and supportive members.

So as we eagerly look forward to the upcoming season, we want advise you of a new and exciting initiative that can not only help the club, but also help reduce your membership fees.

As most of you will appreciate, running a community sporting club is not cheap, and especially when we are trying to remain competitive and push for finals cricket in all grades.

And unfortunately the upcoming season is going to have a few challenges for the club, including the loss of our back oval for the majority of the season due to a council upgrade of our ground), that could adversely affect to financial performance of the club this season.

With that in mind, we have decided to launch the following new initiative – Player Sponsorships

It’s probably fair to say that you all have at least one of the following;

  1. An employer
  2. Your own business
  3. A family member or friend that is employed or own a business
  4. A partner that is employed or own a business

Have you ever considered them as a potential club sponsor?

Just think for a minute:

1) could any of these businesses benefit from having their brand exposed to hundreds of people over the course of a season?

2) would you appreciate having your annual membership fees reduced by half… or maybe reduced to zero! That’s right you could potentially pay no membership fee at all!

Your challenge;

  • Attract 1 player sponsor and your membership fee (subs) will be reduced from $395 to $197.50.
  • Attract 2 player sponsors and you will not have to pay a membership fee at all!

What does the “Player Sponsor” receive?

  • A “Player Sponsor” plague to be displayed in Wattie Watson club roomsL
  • ogo on a combined “Player Sponsor” ground/fence banner to be displayed at all home ground games

What does it cost to be a “Player Sponsor”?

The sponsorship payment is only $500

*If you have identified and obtained commitment from a “Player Sponsor” please advise Leigh Josey or Adrioan Fisher.

Membership Fees (Subs)


With a lot of the club expenses coming at the start of the season, it’s critical that membership fees are paid as soon as possible.

This season, the membership fee is $395 for senior, $295 for life members, and $225 for concession (students, apprentices and unemployed). All prices include tickets for Senior Presentation night.

Due to perennial non/late payment offenders, there will be a very strict rule this season – to be eligible to play round 1, a minimum of 50% of the membership fee has been paid before selection night round 1 (includes any “Player sponsorship” payment if relevant).


So get ready for the season ahead, and either help the club by introducing a “Player Sponsor”, or start budgeting now to ensure you will be financial and eligible to play round


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