Meet a Sponsor: Mark “Rosy” Rosendorff, the genius behind Rosytown

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rosy This round is Rosytown Round. Rosytown is a digital company specialising in websites, apps and all things digital and is owned by Elwood senior cricketer and all-round good bloke Mark Rosendorff. Rosyown  is a new sponsor to the club and we caught up with Rosy to find out a little more about him and his company…

Q: So, firstly Rosy. It’s great to have you on-board as a sponsor of the club, but is there any truth to the rumour that your real name is Mark?
A: None whatsoever.

Q: You are a senior member of the club’s illustrious red-haired brigade. Why are our red-headed brothers drawn to cricket and are they any good at it?
A: Gingers are imbued with a rare naturally occurring resistance not only to UV radiation but also relentless ridicule from the common folk. Cricket offers a unique opportunity to leverage both of these strengths. Are we good? Why don’t you ask Buck Rogers, Shaun Pollock and Craig McDermott. Yeah, I rest my case.

Q: You made your first hundred for the club last year. That’s more runs than your good mate Greg Thwaites has made in his entire career. Would you like to comment on that?
A: I could write novels commenting on this but let me just say that Greg Thwaites can entertain the crowd more in a single three-ball duck than I could over the course of my lifetime.

Q: And you are a Richmond supporter. There seems to be a lot of you at the club. Have you guys created a support group to help each other?
A: Yes, the group consists of the various Tiger fans at the club and believe it or not, a few Fremantle fans too. They don’t even know they are a part of our club but we keep them around for morale.

Q: Now let’s talk about your company, Rosytown, who are now a sponsor of the cricket club. What do you do?
A: We do digital. Website, apps, games, digital marketing etc.

Q: Awesome. And how long have you been this for?
A: I’ve been in the industry for over 10 years now. Rosytown is now in its fifth year.

Q: What are some of your clients you have worked with?
A: I’ve worked with many wonderful brands and the most recognisable one is probably the MCG Scoreboard. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into that beast.

Q: Now I am sure there are lots of people involved in the club that could utilise your awesome skills for their business. How do they get in touch with you?
A: Go to my website at or email me at

Q: And finally, what is better: a 100 runs or a five wicket haul?
A: Century. Hands down.

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